December 20, 2011

Battle of the mattifying primers : Rouge Bunny Rouge versus Illamasqua

You might already know that I'm not using primers on a daily basis. I'm rather a fan of wearing as less layers as I can and I generally put my foundation directly on my skin.

I do, however, like to use a primer under particular circumstances: a night out, an exceptionally long day,  a particularly hostile weather when I'm going to be outside, or a skin that isn't agreeing with me and does require some buffering layer between itself and makeup. 

I recently got the Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer from Zuneta*, and wanted to test it, but I also have owned the Illamasqua Matt Primer since I went to London in May, and I never really tried it extensively nor reviewed it. So I thought that, beside a review of the two products, you might be interested in having a detailed comparison of both products.

And so I did a little experiment: I wore both primers on the same day, each being used on one side of my face.

On the right of the picture, Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphoses, and on the left, Illamasqua Matt Primer.

In order to be accurate in testing how well they both work, I used the same base products that I usually use without any primer: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua on the whole face, a bit of Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation on the cheeks to hide redness, and Bobbi Brown creamy concealer under the eyes.

However, I didn't powder any part of my face, nor did I use Fix+ to set my makeup. This way, I could really see how matte or shiny any area would be with the primer underneath.
On this picture I am not wearing any blush or any other makeup than my base, so you can truly see the effect.

The programme for that day included running errands, doing an abs workout (not the kind where you sweat like crazy, but still, it's a workout) and my regular computer activities. A nap might have happened as well. Normal activity level, I would say.

So, if you're interested, please stay tuned for the detailed reviews of the products, as well as through-the-day comparison pictures.

Find the Illamasqua primer detailed review here!
Find the Rouge Bunny Rouge primer detailed review here!

* This was provided for free for reviewing consideration, but of course that won't impact my opinion and I'm not compensated to review it... bla bla bla, you know the story.


  1. No mais c'est quoi ce teasing de malade!!! T'as intérêt à annoncer les résultats avant mon départ en vacances ;-))))

  2. You have such beautiful skin!! Both products looks great on you. I have the RBR primer too, and quite like it!

  3. I love these kinds of makeup experiments! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on RBR -- I love the finish it gives but can't testify to oil control.


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