December 10, 2011

FOTD experiment of this past week (Asian inspired)

So not too long ago, my friend Kate (aka The Driveller) posted this picture on our favorite makeup forum.

Kate and I share a love for anything bold, so a look consisting mainly and a heavy application of lavenderish pink blush and nothing else wasn't even that scary to us.

I decided I needed to try it and adapt it to myself so I could wear it to work - no less.
Turns out that a/ I really liked it, b/ it's fast and easy to do so c/ I ended up wearing it all week (so much for telling you about my makeup rut in a previous post: I left it behind but I'm sure it will be back soon).
However, and that's my d/, this look is super hard to photograph because the light washes out the cheek color a lot and leaves you looking like a corpse when really, in real life, it's just so pretty.

But with several attempts and a bit of photoshop, I think I now have enough material to demonstrate.

Version 1 : pretty in pink - that's directly inspired from that pic.

How to get the look?

  1. Absolutely flawless skin is a must since there won't be much color to bring the attention elsewhere! You want to look dewy and airbrushed, there's no other way to say it. I'm not a fan of using primers all the time but here you definitely need to prep your skin, at least with a good moisturizer.
    I used Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi, Illamasqua RLF 133 everywhere I needed to hide redness or pigmentation and Bobbi Brown concealer in Warm Ivory under the eyes.
    At this stage, you just look dead. Don't be scared, go on.
  2. If you need to do anything to your brows, do it now. I used Integrate brow liner in 002.
  3. Bring definition to the eyes but make sure they look like you used nothing on them. I like doing that by using a champagne cream shadow all over the lid (here it is a Shiseido one in H1, now discontinued) and a bit of light brown matte shadow above the crease to create depth - I used Rouge Bunny Rouge in Solstice Halcyon, it's barely there but it does the job.
  4. Make sure you tightline (= line between your upper lashes) or your lashes will look miserable with this pale background. I used Mac Sense of Style khol (LE), then added my YSL Faux-Cils mascara.
  5. Now is time for the blush. I like to think that a slightly transparent but very glowy one is easier to wear than a full color like they used on the editorial picture. Since the color is more sheer and diffuses the light, you can get along with a heavy and large application. I used Givenchy Prisme Glow Blush in Lune Rosee (LE, current season) applied in round motions with a Mac 109.
  6. Add a glossy pink lip (matte won't work with this look): Dior Addict in It Pink

And voilà:

Version 2 : Pretty in Apricot.

Since I can only get along with such a cool pale pink look in gloomy cool Winter light. Comes Spring, this will be unwearable for me. So I tried a warmer version that could be more suitable for warm skintones.

Everything is identical but I used Mac Rubenesque as a lid color, Dior Addict in Miss Dior on the lips, and the star blush in this look is Mac Stereo Rose MSF.
You can see the glow pretty well in this picture, but I can assure you it doesn't look too glowy nor greasy in real life.

I would say that this is an easy look to put on: it's fast (only the base can take a bit of time to ensure flawless face), it doesn't require many products, and any Mac MSF or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick or similar stuff will work to achieve the cheek effect.
It's cute for daytime, it might even look natural and polished enough for a day date and it's definitely work appropriate.

On the other hand, it's actually not the easiest look to wear. If you have problematic skin, concealing will be a nightmare. If you're under harsh light, like work neons, you will look sick. At night time, you'd be completely washed out unless you'd add liner and a more vibrant lip.

For me, I will definitely keep this in my arsenal of looks for days where I am lazy or late, or need to look very natural.

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  1. FIE camera woes!
    Actually I prefer the contrast of this look on warmer, darker skin, like NC20 and up. It's even more of a lot of look, but as you say, we like that :D


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