December 18, 2011

Santa came a bit early

My girlfriends know me well...

and they also know what's in my bathroom or in my wishlist!

Ok this one is a gift from me to myself. I'm very happy it reunited me
with Instagram, which didn't work so well on my old iPhone 3G.

T-shirt from ThinkGeek
iPhone 4S from... well, Apple
Huge pile of makeup and skincare from her.

Have you received some Christmas presents already?


  1. Gorgeous pressies! I really need a new phone. You'll be set for skincare for a year! :D

  2. The t-shirt is brilliant!!! I need one for me and each of my friends!

  3. Nice all around! I expect a detailed breakdown of all of those beauty goods, ma'am!

  4. That pile of skincare and make-up has my heart fluttering with joy :)

  5. @ Demps: my drawers are full! lol

    @ Gorrigan: you need to check out that website, you're gonna love everything!

    @ Jess: that's going to make for a lot of reviews!

    @ Rocaille: isn't it lovely? :)

  6. Hilarious tee! I might put that on my list, too. : )


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