December 4, 2011

Sunday Night Rambling

In no particular order...

1. Attended a congress with lots of great speakers and heard a fantastic talk by Dan Ariely on how our brain tricks us all the time and how our decisions are made by the context in which the choice is presented. That is worth for very important life decisions as well as for purchasing decisions. I know, it sounds nerdy, but it's really fascinating. More about his book Predictably Irrational on here.

2. I dropped my beloved MacBook. First time it happens to me in 8 years of owning MacBooks. The Apple gods weren't with me to give a "free of consequence pass" just for this once : my screen is broken (some areas of it, at least) and it's the most expensive part to replace. If any of you have experience in DIY screen replacement, I'm all ears.

3. I finally found a fitness blog that doesn't spread nutritional nonsense, so go read it, it's the Fitnessista. I am very upset about all the bulls**t that can be found on the internet when it comes to fitness and nutrition. No, you shouldn't do 3-4 liters of water a day, because that will damage your kidneys, I know because my doctor freaked out and screamed when I told him about that. And yes you do need sugar. Real sweet sugar. It's the only fuel that your brain accepts, cutting on it completely is irresponsible. Do I need to go on? Anyway, hop over the Fitnessista for real smart advice.

4. Heaving heard that Google Connect wouldn't allow us anymore to follow blogs that aren't hosted by Blogger, I added a BlogLovin button on the bottom bar of the blog - just in case you want to follow me through another system than Google.

5. Laura posted about Makeup Ruts, right when I noticed being in a makeup rut myself. Not that this is a bad thing, it's just that it gets harder to post interesting FOTD pictures on here when all I do is a variation of the same look composed with one of the 3.876 similar eyeshadows that I own and rotate.

But that's ok, there's nothing wrong with makeup ruts, actually a lot of people love them - just have a look at the comments on Laura's post to get convinced and... get new lemmings from the other's ruts :)

Happy Sunday!


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