January 20, 2012

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

In one more desperate attempt to cure my Winter dry cheeks skin, I got this a few weeks ago, after having read about it on the blogosphere.
The reason it was mentioned there was that Clarins is apparently relaunching the product in a new packaging, the one that you see above, but when I went and bought it, I got the good old version that looks like this:
...which isn't as practical because it opens to a simple bottle neck. Clumsy hands, beware.

But well, let's go back to the product itself after this packaging interlude.

What the brand says:
Moisture care for Dehydrated Skin. 100% pure plant extracts with no preservatives. This best-selling oil contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue Orchid to tone, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. 
In the evening, after thorough cleansing and toning, apply a small amount to face and neck still damp with Toning Lotion, avoiding the eye contour. Gently dab face with a soft tissue to remove any excess product.

My opinion on the product:
This natural product has been around since 1965, so that says something about the product's efficiency.
I tried it in a few different ways: on its own on dry skin (you need quite some product for it to rub in), on top of slightly damp skin like recommended by the brand - which I found a bit weird to spread and massage in, and then as a serum, on problem areas and with a layer of my Estee Lauder Double Wear cream on top.
The third method worked the best for me, but even on its own the product worked quite well and I woke up with much softer skin.
The smell is slightly herbal, typically like essential oils, and I was afraid this would bother me but it didn't. It doesn't linger too long and it's not too strong, I would definitely not get a headache from that kind of smell so it works fine for me.
Obviously the old fashioned packaging isn't the most practical, but if you get the new version, it's all sorted out.

My overall conclusion:
An excellent natural product to soothe dehydrated skin and dry patches. I have seen improvement within a couple of nights with this and I would definitely recommed it. I found it more efficient that some so-called "barrier repair" serums that I've tried.
As a side note, Clarins has a few more facial oils in their range for different problematics so if you don't have dehydrated skin but suffer from other issues, there might be one for you too.

Clarins Huile Orchidée Bleue for dehydrated skin, 40 ml - £33 - €36 - USD 50


  1. My skin is pretty dehydrated too at the moment, but oils didn't really work for me in the past. Oh, but it's Clarins... tempting.

    1. well maybe the essential oils in it would work their magic? :)


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