January 26, 2012

Current hair routine with Phyto, and new Cloud 9 straighteners

My hair has been looking bored to death. It doesn't like Winter more than I do, I guess.
I'm currently due a trim and a color but I'm feeling lazy (might get around doing at least the color next week-end, we'll see), however I thought a little change in routine wouldn't hurt either and decided to turn to a brand I know but never really used much: Phyto.

Phytojoba shampoo for moisture and shine.
This is the intense hydrating shampoo in the range, and I thought it would be good for my dry ends that are looking even drier because of central heating and blowdrys (I just can't wait for my hair to airdry in Winter, it's way too cold!). This smells divine thanks to the coconut oil in it. I wish the bottle had a pump, though, as it's easy to pour too much from the wide bottle neck.
My hair doesn't look super soft like it would with loads of silicons, but is that what we really want? It actually has more body than before and it looks healthy and reasonably soft, so I'm happy to keep on using this and seeing how it improves my hair over time.

Phyto 7 daily hydrating cream for dry hair.
I have reviewed this in the past, and I still like this product very much. I apply it at night after I have blowdried my hair, and it does help relieve the dryness on the ends and make everything feel smoother.

New Cloud 9 straighteners.
My trusty Braun straighteners broke - well they still work but they cut the power every time I use them so it was time to retreat them! I had been considering going for a very good straightener like GHD or Cloud 9 but had decided not to splurge as long as I was happy with my current ones. Now was then the perfect occasion to invest. I chose the regular sized Cloud 9 iron and ordered from the brand website. They arrived in 2 days in a gorgeous box!
Very good points include international voltage, plugs for EU and UK electricity, and a heat protecting thing to put around the tool when it's still hot but you need to transport them.
They heat up in a matter of seconds and you can do a lot of things with them (there's a little how-to guide in the box) from poker straight hair to curls. I haven't done anything much than straightening so far but I can tell they're doing their job very well and leaving my hair soft and shiny :)

Here goes the result (bad lighting, sorry)!

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  1. Thanks for the reviews! I'll have to look into a good pair of straighteners when my hair grow out sufficiently for my new idea of a haircut :)


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