January 19, 2012

Impatiently waiting for...

... Spring makeup collections to launch! (Europe doesn't see the launch of any Spring stuff before February, that's a yearly frustration)

Or, actually, I'm waiting for one collection in particular: Givenchy.

Most upcoming collections for this Spring feature pastel colors: light blues, light pinks, light mints. I don't like those colors too much. They don't really flatter me, I don't enjoy them particularly and so unfortunately, most of the stuff I've seen on the web for this Spring isn't very appealing.
But Givenchy, thankfully, has understood that some people would love to counterbalance the pastel eyeshadows with brighter colors on the cheeks and lips!

Look at these beauties:

On the left Le Prisme Visage (powder) in Bucolic Blossoms.
I talked in the past about how much I love those powders Givenchy brings up regularly and I won't be passing on this one!
On the right: Le Prisme Blush in Bucolic Rose (pink) and Bucolic Poppy (red). 
I'm not sure about the pink one, even though the combination of peach and pink looks beautiful, but I will certainly be getting the Poppy one as it's looking so unique!

Now to go with that, there's a gorgeous lipstick:

Rouge Interdit Bucolic Poppy. I smile even at reading the name!
There are a matching lipgloss and nailpolish, but I'm not so keen on those,  I wouldn't be using them as much.

My counter told me those products should be available in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait.

What are you looking forward to in the Spring collections?

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  1. Those blushes and lipstick do look absolutely gorgeous, and the poppy shades would really flatter your skintone!


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