January 4, 2012

Review: SUQQU Reset Cleansing Oil

Months and months ago, I had ordered this cleansing oil from Ichibankao, because I wanted to give Suqqu (a very fancy high end Japanese brand) a try withouth buying yet another eyeshadow quad or makeup item. But right after that, I got my HG cleansing oil from Shu Uemura in London, so I only got around to using this one a little while ago, after I used up the Shu one.

The Packaging:
This is a 150 ml transparent plastic bottle with a pump. It comes in a white box and all in all, this is looking very clean and almost medical, particularly as the oil itself is transparent.

What the brand says:
Infused with three textured oils, this oil cleanser quickly and effectively removes heavy makeup and any skin impurities, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

My experience with the product:
This oil has a slight scent. I don't know what it is, but it's more of an artificial perfume than an herbal scent reminding you of some natural ingredient.
It's very easy to use, not too thick to apply, it emulsifies very easily when you add water and rises off without any issue.
It's very effective at removing all my makeup, but I need to remind you that I remove my eye makeup with Bioderma Crealine H2O prior to using any oil, so I don't know how this performs with mascara (I hate getting oil in the eyes).
So this is definitely a very effective cleanser.

However, I am quite used to the comfort that the Shiseido oil for dry skin brings to my face. With Suqqu, there is only one oil that is supposed to suit any skintype, and you would think that an oil would obviously work for dryer skin. Unfortunately, I have noticed this doesn't help my dry cheeks (courtesy of central heating and Winter weather) and possibly makes them dryer. Every time I stop using this for a few days and get my skin back to more normal, it will get dry again within a couple of days of me using this again.

So I would recommend this oil for normal to combination skin, but in my opinion, this won't work as well if you're dry skinned, and I'm not sure it would be gentle enough for oily skin either, as you don't want to strip an oily skin rom its natural oils too much because that causes more oil production.

Suqqu Reset Cleansing Oil, 150 ml,  £37 at Selfridges or around USD50 on various websites.


  1. Very interesting review! I have normal/combo skin and I'm tossing whether to get FANCL again or try something new. Have you tried Fancl? I wonder how they compare.

  2. @ Shameless-Fripperies: nope, havent' tried, I have no idea. Shu has oils for all skintypes, though, so that might be a good bet (the pink one, I think, is for combo skin)

  3. Thanks for the response :) I've used the Shu green one for years, but I think I prefer fancl because it's less viscous and appears to rinse cleaner.


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