February 16, 2012

Hands/LRP Cicaplast Balm B5 update

Lots of people reacted to my post about dermatitis and trying this new LRP product to soothe my hands, so I promised I would give an update.

This picture was taken on Monday, after less than a week of treatment. As you can see, things have improved a lot!
I must explain that it's recommended to use the product twice a day but I only used it a night, because I have to wash my hands too frequently during the day for it to be on my skin long enough. So I suppose this lenghtened the healing process.
Even this way, things inproved greatly within 48 hours on the itching front, and after 3 days the itching had completely disappeared. That was a huge relief already. My skin also became less sensitive to washing and warm water, which would always make the irritated area very red and itchy.
After about 5 days, my left hand, which wasn't as badly affected, was completely cured. On the right hand, you could still see some redness on the areas where the raised bumps were but all the symptoms have disappeared.

I do believe that with a twice a day used I would have been completely healed in 4-5 days. I'm very surprised at how effective this product is despite the absence of cortisone derivates in it. You do experience a bit of dryness on the treated area but it's part of the healing process, I guess.
So I would definitely recommend this product, and I hope it's as helpful for some of you as it was for me!


  1. Thanks so much for the update! I am going to have to give this a try. Erin (previously Anon)

  2. wow! that is quite an improvement! i am going to give it a try over the classic LRP cicaplast i already own. do you supposed it could be used as a bacitracin type ointment as well, on cuts , etc. given the antibiotic properties? thanks!

    1. It's more of a replacement for hydrocortisone, there's no antibiotic property, and I'm not sure you can use it on open wounds. It's reather meant for dry patches, eczema, dermatitis, even extreme dryness.


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