February 7, 2012

Mixing Warm and Cool

I randomly found this picture on the internet the other day.

It's a promo picture for the Jill Stuart Spring 2012 collection.
What I found really interesting is the mix of peach cheeks and pink lips, as the usual "rule" is to match your lip and cheek wardrobes. Well, what are makeup rules for, if not to be broken? 
I decided to give this particular look a try.

Due to extremely cold weather, foundation is currently Illamasqua Cream in 133, applied with a Real Technique stippling brush.
I started with Nars Sex Appeal on the cheeks but it wasn't showing up enough for my liking, so I added a bit of Illamasqua Lover on top. 
The eyeshadow is... my Givenchy Lune Rosee Glow Blush! I don't own pink eyeshadows anymore, I don't find they're very flattering on me. I used Mac Typographic as a liner. The pink gloss is a random one. I don't have strawberry pink lipglosses in my collection, really.

Not too sure about the pink eyes, I decided to try a different warm/cool combination. This one was actually inspired by Jennie over at Sailboat.

Same foundation, same peach blush, but on the eyes I'm wearing Nars Etrusque, Illamasqua Bronx, and Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink liner.
The lipstick is Mac Lickable.

I must say that I am much more comfortable with that second version, I find the warm eye and fuchsia lip much easier to wear than a pink lid.

Do you mix warm and cool shades in the same look? What are your favorite combinations?


  1. Oh yes I get you. Unless its a warm coral pink eyeshadow it just doesnt work for me!!


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