March 26, 2012

Flash Test : Garner Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

A loooong time ago I saw a Facebook ad inviting people in my area to sign up for a free sample of the new Garnier BB cream and a 2€ coupon for your first purchase.
I thought it would be a great opportunity to try a product before buying, for once, and signed up.

Now I very well know how complicated the organization of such direct mailings can be, and that you need to have a certain amount of letters to send to decrease the cost, but seriously, I wasn't expecting to wait for TWO WHOLE MONTHS to get this.

I was also not expecting to get only one little bag for a single product use. The wait had been so long that the envelope and its tiny content felt a bit disappointing.

But anyway. I decided to try this on Saturday for a quick and easy look.

Wearing Garnier BB cream 
The texture is thicker than the one of a tinted moisturizer, and it did feel similar to the BB creams I tried in the past, but at the same time it was very easy to apply, and felt very fresh on the skin.

The coverage, while being superior to what tinted moisturizer would give, wasn't heavy. I would describe it as giving a "soft-focus/blurred" effect without covering everything. So I did add concealer on some areas.

The color is too dark for me (NC15) even though I got the light version. You need to be at least NC/NW20-25 for this to be a good match, in my opinion. Too bad, because for once, this BB cream wasn't looking greyish like most Asian ones do. Don't buy into the "will adapt to your skin color" talk, that never works.

The smell is what killed it for me. It's very nice and fruity but quite strong. When first applying, I did enjoy it. But then it just lingered around and stayed with me, and what was meant to happen, happened: I started to get a headache and after one hour of wearing this, had to remove my whole face of makeup to get rid of that smell. (And, no kidding, the cloth I used was still smelly hours later, too).

All in all, I can't tell you how this would last through a day. It looked nice when I applied but because of that heavy fragrance, and of the color which is too dark (but that could have been solved with fake tan), this product is just a no-no for me.
Bottom line: stay away if you're fair and/or sensitive to fragrances.


  1. I have been using this as well. For what it is, a drugstore BB cream, it isnt half bad in the coverage dept. But I will say that if you have combo or oily skin (as I do) the nice skin finish turns to oily very quickly. I also noticed that it oxidized on me. Turned me very orange :(

  2. I find that true of a lot of Garnier products...the scent is overwhelming. I used their face wipes for a while before the scent got to be too much. Lately, I'm all about using the scentless products.


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