March 3, 2012

Foundation Review #33 : Clarins Ever Matte (and powder, as a bonus)

So this Spring Clarins is launching their new Ever Matte foundation, an oil-free formula with SPF 15 that promises a long lasting matte finish and, well, quite a lot of other things, too :
An anti-shine, skin-balancing formula, ideal for women looking for a matte appearance in all circumstances. The plant-based "Skin Detox" complex helps regulate oil production and tighten pores. Its lightweight texture blends easily and allows skin to breathe without drying. The complexion appears more beautiful thanks to an invisible, long-lasting matte "veil" that evens skin tone and keeps skin shinefree from morning to evening.Unrivalled radiance: Clarins exclusive "Light-Optimizing+" complex captures, diffuses and magnifies light. Fine lines and small imperfections are visibly minimized. The complexion appears more even and radiant.SPF 15. Matte finish - Medium coverage - For all skin types. Anti-pollution protection. Oil-free. Noncomedogenic.Dermatologist tested.

Along with this, Clarins is launching the Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact, wich is a finishing powder available in 4 shades.
Keep shine at bay with the Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact, a silky smooth powder that helps skin to stay fresh and flawless all day long.
Clarins Ever Matte Compact uses an innovative complex of minerals and plant extracts provide all day protection from shine and oiliness, including the exclusive 'Skin Detox' with Tanaka Powder.
Due to its fine consistency and transparent colour, the Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder can be reapplied frequently without the risk of unsightly build up. Use in harmony with the Clarins Ever Matte Foundation for a truly mattified and controlled look with unrivalled.

My experience with the powder.
Let's get this out of the way, since it's quite easier to review: this is an excellent mattifying powder. I got it to put in my bag for touch ups, and it does its job perfectly. The compact is sturdy enough not to break, slim enough not to take up too much room or be to heavy, there's a mirror in it, so it's perfect on the go. The powder is very fine, doesn't look cakey, is really mattifying and long-lasting. I got this in the shade 01 and it works very well for me (that would be the shade equivalent of Mac MSFN LIght-Medium, I would say).
Bonus: no smell. I don't like how some powders have that 'old-lady" scent.

My experience with the foundation.

Here's a not-exactly-flattering picture of me wearing nothing but Ever Matte - no concealer, no powder, nothing underneath, nada.

I had to get this in the color 108, as 107 was very orange on me, but I would say that this is a bit darker then I'd like. In Ever Lasting, I wore 108 as a Summer color while 103 was my normal shade, but of course, 103 isn't available in my country for Ever Matte. That means that unless you're NC20, there won't be a true match for you. *sad face*.
The packaging is a lightweight plastic bottle/tube with a dispenser neck, it's quite foolproof and hard to break, which is always a good thing in my book.

As you can see, the coverage is medium-full as it did cancel out most of the redness in my skin with just one layer. The texture, though, is still quite fluid and rather easy to blend. The product smells exactly like Ever Lasting, to the point that I wondered if that wasn't just a repackaged, slightly twisted, version of the same thing. But the final result is different, so I don't think it is.
The finish is definitely matte and I would not use powder on top of this as this would be, in my opinion, looking and feeling horribly dry.

I thought my natural oils on the T-zone would start showing after a few hours, but they didn't. Not even after a not-too-intense 45 min workout.

I posted this look last week, but just in case you haven't seen it, here's me wearing this and a full face of makeup.
The slight glow on the cheeks come from a liquid highlighting product.
My conclusion.

Does Ever Matte do what it says? Definitely. Excepted for the "unrivalled radiance" because quite frankly, I see no radiance there.

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you need good coverage and are really oily and/or looking for a very matte finish. I don't think this is, as Clarins said, suitable for any skintype as I don't see how someone with dry skin would enjoy this. But that's true of any matte foundation, I guess.

Do I like it? Well, no. I just think this finish is not flattering on me. Correction, I don't think it's flattering on most people, I saw other bloggers posting pics of them wearing this the last few days, and I didn't like it more on them than I did on me. I know matte skin is trendy again, but I can't help finding that this is aging because of the lack of luminosity. Now, to each their own thing, if matte is yours, then this is a product to get.
Why did I ever get this, then? Because I had issues with my T-Zone being oilier than usual, and I did freak out a bit. I just thought this wouldn't be THAT matte. And you know me and new foundations)

The powder, though, is the thing I'd recommend to anyone. You can matte down your T-zone when wearing a dewy base or touch up after a long day and this will do a very good job.

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation - 30ml: €32
Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder: €35 (no idea why the powder is more expensive)


  1. Does this foundation have a wide shade range? Or is it just a couple?

    1. We have 8 here but I think there are a few more. Nothing very fair nor very very dark, though. But if you're around up to NC35 there must be a match in my opinion.

  2. It's interesting blogging about make up because things always look different in pictures than in real life and vice-versa. Despite your not liking this in real life-- you look absolutely radiant in pics!!! So it does photograph well.

  3. I need a matte foundation on occasion. The one I switched to lately is too dewy on me (blame the added moisturizers, which I thought would help with my dry, wintery skin, but which in fact just make my face look dewy...and not in a good way). Perhaps I will check this out next time I'm at Sephora/the dept. store.

    PS. How ARE you??? Despite my lack of blogging, I am alive. I have been so insanely busy that it's making me sad.

    1. But why do you need a matte foundation on you dry skin?? I don't compute!?
      I'm good, I keep meaning to write you a long mail and then time flies, I'm so ashamed!!

  4. I have been eyeing this product for a few weeks now mainly because I like the idea of a matte with a radiant glow. But, as you mentioned, the colour appears pretty flat. Thank you so much for this review!


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