March 14, 2012

Foundation Review #34: Maybelline Fit Me

Fit Me was recently launched here, and I had seen a couple of TV ads for this new foundation, then I stumbled upon a huge Fit Me display at the supermarket while I was grocery shopping, and impulse bought it - as you do.
The shade I picked is 120, even though I had a feeling 115 would have been more accurate, but it wasn't in stock.

What I had liked in the ads is the fact that they described this as a gel based foundation that would look like real skin. It didn't specify anything in terms of skintype, just that this was supposed to look natural on anybody and that the range offered a wide range of shades. Now, I find it very sad that a foundation's main claim would be that there's a match for anyone - shouldn't that be the price of entry? But well, I wanted to give it a go.

My experience with the product.
A drugstore foundation coming in a glass bottle with a pump is something I didn't expect but can very much appreciate. (NB: I think there's no pump in the US).
The product itself is very liquidy and runny, that surprised me a bit because of the gel-base claim, I was expecting something thicker.
This is very easy to apply with your hands and leaves a soft, velvelty texture to the skin, not tacky at all, not drying and really pleasant. It has a slight smell that doesn't linger on so that didn't bother me at all.

Now the one thing I have to say is that, for me, the product didn't actually do much on its own, mainly because the coverage is so so sheer.
I took a few pictures to demonstrate.

Pic 1: this is me with nothing on. I actually didn't know yet that I'd be sick as hell the next day, but seeing the picture, it does show!  I have clear skin but the worse dark circles ever, and that odd little guy on the edge of my lip that turned out to be a painful cystic zit.

Now on these two pics above, I am wearing the foundation on its own. It did even out my skin tone a little bit, but in my opinion, that's only because it's a tad bit dark for me. I don't think the right match would have done anything at all.
As I said, the finish is very nice and looking natural, with a slight sheen that doesn't look greasy, but you can still see my dark circles and also the discolorations around my nose and mouth, which are normally covered by any foundation - I was expecting that at least to be covered.

On the last pic, I have added concealer (and well, those pre-sickness dark circles would have required corrector as well!) and powder. I'm starting to look better.

My conclusion.
I think this is a good product if you want to step up from tinted moisturizer or from using nothing at all. And actually I have tinted moisturizers that give more coverage than Fit Me.
The finish is nice and natural, not cakey at all, and it lasted ok on me but I wouldn't swear it would be fine on oilier skins, as I've read on lots of reviews that this tends to transfer a lot.

For me, if I have to add concealer to a lot of areas and powder to get coverage, it's too much work. I prefer a product that will give me more coverage and save me some steps.

I need to say, though, that even if this doesn't suit my personal needs, it's a surprisingly good drugstore foundation after the recent Bourjois fiascos I went through, and if you're looking for a very light and undetectable foundation on a budget, I would recommend this.
This sells for about €11.50


  1. I've been reading your blog now for awhile, and have really enjoyed it. I'm so glad you have reviewed this product. I've seen it in the drugstore and have seen ads for it, and have considered purchasing it. I'm always on the look out for a good drugstore beauty find. After reading your review I'm so glad I haven't purchased it. I prefer more moderate to full coverage. I'd probably end up having to buy a darker shade to adequately cover all my red spots. Thank you for another excellent review. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love this foundation! I find it works really well for me. I did a post about it if you would like to check it out? Great post by the way!

    Sophie xx


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