March 20, 2012

Soft Tonal FOTD

What can I say? You cannot look like Lana Del Ray every day!
Monday saw me wearing a much more toned down look with earthly shades.

It was, as often, inspired by a video tutorial from Lisa Eldridge.

No, I don't look like Clemence Poesy at all, but I can recognize a good look when I see one, and I absolutely love those warm soft shades.

The base for this look is 2 layers of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua on top of Becca Hydrating Primer.
I wanted to hide the redness on my cheeks without using a full coverage foundation, so I just layered some more foundation where I needed coverage. A bit of concealing was done using Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer in #1.

This was also another attempt, probably the last, at making the Clarins coral liquid blush work for me. I think I'm giving up. Yes, you do see something on the cheeks, but it took me THREE layers of it, applied with patting motions, for it to show up. I tend to say taht when a product requires so much work to do its job, you do need another product. 

The eyes were created using Burberry eyeshadow in #4, which is a gorgeous warm sandy beige, and Becca Chino which is the dark brown on the Lost Week-End palette. I tightlined with Mac Teddy eyekhol. Mascara is YSL Faux Cils in black.

I would have added a peach lipstick, my choice being within the new Dior Addict Intense range (teasing for a future look!) but I had a dentist's appointment, so it was only lipbalm for me.


  1. Loved your FOTD, I'm also a big fan of Vitalumiere Aqua. How are Burberry eyeshadows??? This brand has just arrived to Mexico, so I haven't had a chance to try it.

    1. They're very good, the packaging is gorgeous (but a bit heavy and bulky) but I don't know if I'd say they're worth the high price mark. I only have 2 of them, I like them, but I don't know if I'd repurchase if I can find similar colors in a cheaper range. #4 is very pretty, though.

  2. This look is gorgeous on you! Shame about the Clarins blush - the range looks so lovely...


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