March 27, 2012

Unwrapping a world of fragrances - Introduction to Jo Malone

Last week I randomly found myself near a very exclusive perfume store that I already had visited last year, and decided on an impulse to go hunt for a new fragrance, with one idea in mind: find out what is so special about Jo Malone fragrances, as that store has the only counter of the country.

I had a fantastic customer experience, as the ladies holding the counter were extremely knowledgeable and also very friendly. They told me about the high quality ingredients used in Jo Malone colognes, and explained how you can mix and layer them to obtain a fragrance that is unique to you (not that you can't wear them on their own, of course). 

I told them about the notes I usually enjoy or don't like and they made a small selections of colognes that I would probably like. We smelled them (with pauses in-between thanks to coffee beans), discussed them, mixed them and then I made my choice. I was actually quite surprised that, after 20 mins of breathing all these fragrances, I was not feeling the slightest sign of headache (which is my big issue with lots of perfumes). I took that as a good sign and decided to get a little treat for myself.

You can actually get the colognes in 2 sizes: 30ml, which are nice travel spray bottles, and 100ml. I decided to get 2 different notes in the small size so I could enjoy some variety, and so I left the boutique with this lovely package.

Let's unwrap it together, shall we? The box was actually wrapped itself in black paper that had been sprayed with the fragrances I chose.

I picked 2 very different notes so I could enjoy some variety : 

  • Blue Agava & Cacao, which, on me, quickly turns into a warm slightly spicy smell. I don't get the fresh lime or grapefruit leads very much (which is good, they're not my taste), it's cosy, it's a bit row, it's a bit sexy - that was love at first sniff.
  • Vanilla & Anise - this one sounds like it would be closer to my comfort zone, but this one is actually very fresh and with a slightly green note, which is not what I usually go for but I thought it would be a refreshing way to wear my beloved Vanilla during the Summer. And obviously, I can add a touch of the Blue Agava & Cacao if I want to deepen it some more.

I am absolutely thrilled with the whole experience and with the colognes I brought back home. I will definitely be going back to the Jo Malone counter for more in the future especially as I was gifted a voucher for a hand and arm massage, which I am really looking forward to enjoying!

Are you familiar with Jo Malone? What are your favorite colognes?


  1. I love Nectarine blossom and honey mix with English pear and freesia or Orange blossom.

  2. I have never tried these, but based on packaging alone... how lovely and luxurious. I want.

    1. This is a real treat indeed, I was on cloud 9 when I left the boutique!


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