April 25, 2012

If you need a little Rouge Bunny Rouge cheer me up

then I have good news for you! (and, incidentally, for myself)
You have heard me more than once declare my love for Rouge Bunny Rouge products, in particular (but not only) their eyeshadows so I was thrilled to hear that 6 new shades are being launched this week!

Wait, there's more! These new shades will actually be launched in pan form, as you can now buy empty duo and trio palettes for your RBR eyeshadows.

Here's what the palettes will look like:

RBR Empty Duo Eyshadow Keeper - 12£
RBR Empty Trio Eyeshadow Keeper - 15£

Both formats will come with a sponge applicator, which I don't really care for but I know some people like using.
I do suppose that if you already own RBR shadows and want to depot them into this, there would be no issue. That could help you save some space in your eyeshadow drawer.
EDIT: the compact eyeshadows are bigger and won't fit in the palettes :(

The pan eyeshadows will look like this:

They will retail at £16 for 2g, versus 22£ for the regular shadows in compact, which is a nice saving. Even if you don't want to get the RBR palettes, you could still put those in any free-form palette of your choice.

Now the existing eyeshadows from the current line will not all be released in pan form, only the 3 best sellers will be available at the moment:

Unforgettable Oriole - Delicate, metallic white gold Solstice Halcyon - Semi-matt mauve beige Abyssinian Catbird - Metallic bronze with golden highlights

But the exciting thing, as I said, is that we're getting 6 new colors, named and described as follows:

Lilac Reef Curassow - Pale lilac with iridescent effect
Trumpeter Koel - Dark lead-grey with lilac-blue iridescence
Bohemian Waxwing - Iridescent bronzed champagne
Olive Violeteare - If ever there was a smoky olive this is it; with satin finish (Great for smoky eye)
Golden Rhea - Iridescent pale gold, pure and simple
Umber Firefinch - Iridescent dark umber chocolate

If you haven't tried RBR eyeshadows yet, this might be a good opportunity at a more affordable price. The texture of these eyeshadows is incredibly buttery, easy to work with and pigmented and they're really a joy to work with.

All these new products will be available from Zuneta from this Friday (April 27th, 2012).

On another note, apologies for the lack of blogging lately, I haven't even been wearing much makeup at all so I kind of ran out of interesting things to report, but I do have a few novelties that I'm going to review for you very soon.


  1. OHHH NOOO, NO NO NO NO NO!! This is dangerous! This is something that potentially could make me bankrupt! I love making my own palettes!!!

  2. Really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!!

  3. Oh no, now you're making me want to get RBR -something practically impossible in my country. What am I going to do???


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