April 29, 2012

Warm look with Le Metier De Beauté eyeshadows

One with the glasses, for a change.

A very well known brand amongst beauty bloggers, Le Metier de Beauté is nevertheless a very hard one to find for anybody outside of the US. Luckily, Zuneta recently started carrying it, and it is now much widely accessible to everyone.
I hadn't had any opportunity to try it before, so I was excited to finally be able to get some products.
I will have to do an in-depth review, but this is a simple look I did using Nutmeg and Goldstone eyeshadows.

I added a bit of depth in the crease with Mac Cork. The blush, as per usual when I 'm doing a warm face, is Illamasqua Lover.

If you are interested in LMDB eyeshadows, the lovely Karlasugar has excellent swatches of all of them.
The eyeshadows are 2g each, presented in a round rubbery compact that feels a bit like Nars packaging, and they are £25 each (about €30)


  1. Well, you may not feel like it these days, but you look beautiful in those pictures! And I love your glasses. They are new, no? Have you shown them before on the blog? I don't think so...or if you did, I totally spaced it out.

    : )

    1. Thanks dear! The glasses are quite new indeed, I may have showed them once but not more.


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