June 20, 2012

Mascara Review: Givenchy Noir Couture

You know how all my mascaras review end up with "bottom line: this is not as good as YSL Faux Cils"? Well, stay tuned this time, as it might be different!

I was actually shopping for a backup of Faux Cils when I saw the promo image for the new Givenchy Noir Couture mascara that has just been released in Europe (I think in the US it will be released with the Fall collections).
I have never tried a Givenchy mascara before, I never was attracted by the scary Phenomen'Eyes, I must say. But this one reminded me of Rimmel Sexy Curves, which I used and enjoyed years ago but never repurchased because rubber brushes usually irritate my eyes and I prefer fibers. 
Noir couture seemed to fit the bill perfectly, plus, I can hardly resist anything Liv Tyler would try and sell me.
(Don't be fooled, though, she's definitely wearing falsies in this promo pic!)

My experience with the product.

The tube is super wide, very heavy and the packaging definitely feels luxurious. That's always nice, and with Givenchy, I rarely find packagings disappointings.
The formula of this product has enough body and thickness but is still relatively wet. It has no perfume, which is definitely a bonus (Faux-Cils is heavily scented, even though the fragrance mostly disappears after a few uses).

Here's the product pitch from the brand:
One step, four gorgeous reasons to give in to the new couture mascara by Givenchy.
Instant volume, length and curl: brush and formula come together in optimum synergy to defy the extreme and give your lashes the promise of a perfect silhouette.
Lasting lash care: Givenchy’s newest exclusive formula enriched with Lash Booster Expert Complex and Cotton Nectar revitalizes, nourishes and protects with every application.
Stunning lashes now: Noir Couture pushes the boundaries to create a strikingly bold eyelashes. With its fluid, glide-on texture, Noir Couture is easy to apply, creating precise lash definition with a smooth finish. Noir Couture is every woman’s beauty must-have.
A 4 in 1 action with a traditional simple gesture. Result: Couture eyes that are more beautiful day after day.
Now what's my experience with it?
Ladies (en gentlemen, maybe), I have been using it daily for 2 weeks and I haven't cracked open another tube of Faux-Cils. Now, does that say something?

This does take a bit of experience to work with. The brush comes out of the tube very full of product and you have to wipe some off or you will put mascara all over your eyelids, and you will end up with 5 huge lashes, if you see what I mean. Separation can be a bit of an issue here. Application requires a bit of technique too: I find that a combination of wiggling motions then straight motions works the best. 
Once you get the hold of it, the result is quite pretty :

And I find it works extremely well on the bottom lashes, too, as you can lightly use one of the little balls.
I have noticed a bit of smudging if your eyes get wet, which I usually don't experience with Faux-Cils. But on the other hand this doesn't claim to be waterproof so I don't expect it to last through rain and tears.

Now of course, I haven't used it long enough yet to tell me if this is beautifying my lashes on the long term, but I don't really care, what I'm looking for in a mascara is instant nice lashes, not special properties.

Bottom line: it's probably as pretty as YSL Faux-Cils... but it's also even more expensive! €28 (versus €27 for Faux-Cils), however I'm hoping it doesn't dry as fast and I can use this one for 3 months instead of 6-8 weeks. That would be a saving in the end.
It's a bit trickier to use, but it's fragrance-free. All in all an expensive, luxurious but very effective mascara.
I might repurchase, I don't know yet, but I will use up this tube with great pleasure, that is for sure.


  1. I had to laugh because you said she's definitely wearing falsies in this pic, and while I knew what you meant, I've only heard falsies used to mean padding in one's bra ;)

    1. haha, it's a word that is used all the time on makeup forums to obviously name false lashes :))

  2. dear M,
    Have you tried YSL Singulier yet? I am loving my coloured ones but wondering if I should splurge on the black for everyday....

    Also, full disclosure: I giggled for a good minute at the "one of the little balls" bit.

    1. dear K,
      Yes I tried Singulier, loved it, but was allergic to the formula (I thought my tube was contaminated, bought a new one, had the same itchy issues and gave up)
      I did hesitate when writing it and couldn't find a better word :)))

  3. These crazy mascaras and their fancy wands- where will it end? Still, this one is tempting. I'll wait to see how long it lasts before going dry ;)

    1. I'll keep you posted, I don't think you have it available in the US already, anyway.

  4. Bought this mascara in Heathrow's duty free and I have to say hands down my favorite mascara product of all time! Gorgeous! I feel like I have the prettiest lashes in America! Loved your review!

  5. This is now available in the US. I got a sample from Sephora & love it. It's more than I would typically pay for mascara but if it lasts a while I might consider it. Good to know it's not waterproof


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