July 3, 2012

Illamasqua Naked Strangers Haul, FOTD and Review!

Recently Illamasqua released a small capsule collection within the Naked Strangers Spring-Summer collection. This consisted of 2 blushes, 2 lipglosses and 3 nailpolishes.
Some of these items definitely fitted my mood of the moment, so I got the 2 blushes, the wearable lipgloss called Intimacy (not this time, gold, not this time) and one little extra from the regular line.

Can you see a pattern here?
It looks like I couldn't get enough nakedness! On the pic you can see: powder blusher in Naked Rose, cream blusher in Zygomatic, and powder blusher in Beg (which is a darker dusty rose).
Naked rose is described as a neutral beige pink, while Zygomatic is naked pink brown. You can wonder what the difference is between those two, but they definitely not look alike on the skin!
Here are a few swatches for you:

In natural daylight: Naked Rose on the left, Beg in the middle, Zygomatic on the right - which is very nude as you can see.
Now let's have a look at how they wear.

On this first picture I am wearing Naked Rose blush and Intimacy lipgloss. I absolutely love how Naked Rose looks: it's neutral enough to go with any look and suit lots of skintones, including the palest ones. It applies and blends like a dream - which is the case for all my Illamasqua powder blushes!
The lipgloss is sheer, not too sticky, and it doesn't taste bad despite the relatively heavy smell (which is the usual smell of Illamasqua glosses). A great color for everyone. Bonus: this one comes with a brush applicator, which is new to the brand's glosses.

Those two pictures were taken the same day, the lighting is just a bit different (though natual in both cases). Here I am wearing Zygomatic cream blush. I did apply quite liberally, however you can see that the effect is very subtle. On the first pic, you actually see more natural redness than you do se blush.
Although this is a lovely color and a perfect neutral nude, I would really only recommend this to pale skintones. Slightly darker skins could replace this by Nars Douceur blush, in my opinion.

All in all: an extremely wearable and pretty capsule collection, definitely suitable for pale skintones. Naked Rose powder blush is the must have in it.


  1. I want literally every single item from this collection!

    1. I know! It's appealing even for us color loving girls! Might get the nailpolishes at some point.

  2. Your skin is just gorgeous!!! Flawless. I didn't pick anything from this collection; tempting though.

  3. oooh you got Naked Rose--I WANT this blush SO so badly! Arrrgghh


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