July 27, 2012

So I aged, hauled, and ombre'd (in pictures)

Got a perfectly timed birthday package from a special friend.

Went makeup shopping and decided to invest in hair care to protect the new hair.

Got ombre done...

... and tried my new Shiseido Snow Shadow trio.

Am now officially 35.
(And damn, this weather is now really too hot!)


  1. Happy birthday!!!! And I love your hair. You're going to laugh because I'm actually dying my hair ombre next week. Have you ever seen the pins on my pinterest? I was really obsessed with finding the perfect ombre for my shade for a while. I like yours a lot. It looks sunkissed. : )

  2. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! :)
    That Inglot palette looks awesome.
    Hope you're having a great birthday day and weekend!

  3. Happy birthday sweetie! glad it got there on time! muah!

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  5. Wow, your hair looks amazing!! Great job!! Hope you had a wonderful day :)

  6. belated happy birthday wishes! i hope you had a great day!

  7. I really love this new hair. =)

  8. Happy b-day!!! I hope you enjoyed it a lot and I'm looking forward to see an Opera FOTD. I'm part of the Opera voters, so I now demand a FOTD :p

  9. Happy 35th birthday!! I'm right behind you-- I turn 35 in September. You look stunning. I really do think women just get better and better looking with time.

  10. Bon anniversaire, Lullaby !
    (depuis la température t'a écoutée apparemment, il refait frisquet =D)

  11. wowsers, you don't look anywhere near 35! happy birthday lovely, you look gorgeous as always. hope you had an awesome day. love the new hair! xx


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