July 17, 2012

A warm EOTD and an attempt at some hair thing.

I suck at doing hair. That's why 99% of the time you'll see me with poker straight hair, straighteners have changed my life because they're the only tool I'm able to use correctly. I have curling irons, waving irons, hot rollers and all that jazz but I rarely manage to do anything presentable with them. If I'm lucky, on a warm day where I let my hair air dry, I'll have natural curls and that's it.

However last week-end I was inspired by this tutorial and thought it was something I might try.

You will definitely notice that the result isn't quite similar on me (Julia has more hair and longer, too, which plays a role of course).

I wasn't even going to tell you about that experience, but my lovely friend Kate aka The Driveller asked me to explain what I had done and how, so I thought I could give you some information here.
DISCLAIMER: I told you, I'm no hair expert, I have no idea what I'm doing, you might not want to try this at home.

Step 1 : wash your hair at night. Late, preferably. Blowdry 70% of it because you're too tired to do it nicely and go to bed.

Step 2 : when you wake up, your hair is a mess. A volumized-slightly-curly-at-places mess, though. Grab your stratightener and straighten what absolutely needs to so that you don't look like a deranged witch anymore. That would mostly be your bangs and the kinks at the crown of your head.

Step 3 : grab your styling products. All 3 of them. (I told you, I don't do hair!)

Step 4: add volume at the roots, I used BedHead Cocky Paste. Why I ever bought that kind of product with that kind of name is a mistery but yeah, let's make the best of it. Massage it at the roots and shake your head like Julia does in the video. (If you're like me, you end up looking crazy again, so sort it out before you go on).

Step 5 : make your tresses look piecy with some kind of wax. I used L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Play Ball Wax Smoothie Spray. It doesn't work as good as a paste, but it's all I had and it smells like a red fruit smoothie for real.
EDIT : I happen to have found a jar of Sebastian Matte Clay in the back of a drawer. Considering I started using that clay back in 1999 and haven't had a wax-needing haircut since 2007, I don't know if this is safe to use anymore anyway.

Step 6 : when you're happy with the general look, spray it all with hairspray. 

If you're me, don't really expect it to stay in place all day. I must say, though, that this kept my hear from getting greasy at all on the second day, so that might be a plan!

Now makeup: really simple eye using Mac Indianwood pp as a base, Mad Woodwinked on top and Shu Uemura ME Red 160 on the outer corner and in the crease (Mac Cranberry would be a good dupe).
Base : Nars Tinted Moisturiser in Finland, Jemma Kidd PawPaw cream blush.
Nothing complicated :)


  1. Love the hair! Love the new blog look, too! : )

    1. Thanks Marty! Not yet quite I wanted but that will have to do for now, I don't have enough time to tweak the HTML at the moment :)


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