August 8, 2012

Taaj Micellar Water from Himalaya

During my last shopping trip to France, while I was literally taking as many bottles of Bioderma as I could carry, my eyes fell on this little product: the Taaj Micellar Water from Himalaya. This does exist in a 500ml bottle, same format as the Bioderma, but they also have a 100ml travel bottle that was about €3.50 and I thought I would give it a try. I must say that I've seen a few positive reviews pop here and there lately on beauty blogs, and this excited my curiosity.

Also, as you may know, I have been reading on Ayurvedic cosmetics, and Taaj also works around these principles, so I thought that was interesting. However, the label tells you that this product is suitable for all doshas and skintypes, so you don't have to know anything at all before you give this a try.

The product claims to contain Spring Water from the Himalaya (which you cannot really verify, can you?), green tea for antioxydants, chamomille to soothe the skin and rosemary to act as a toner. This is suitable for eyes and face and doesn't need to be rinsed before you apply your skincare. I, for one, always rinse off micellar lotions with thermal water.

How does it work? Surprisingly well! You've heard me say that not all micellar lotions were created equal but this is definitely one of the best I've tried.
The one thing that bothers me: the smell. Where the Bioderma is completely unscented, this one has quite a citrusy fragrance to it, which I suppose comes from the plant extracts in it. Although I got used to it a little bit, I'm not a fan of that smell at all. It also scares me a little bit to use something fragraned around my eyes so I have, in fact, used this only on my face.
However, as a cleanser, this is briliant. Removes all the makeup, leaves the skin fresh, glowy and plumped, I absolutely love the result.

If you cannot find Bioderma where you live but can get the hold of this (and aren't bother by the fragrance), this is definitely something to consider as a replacement!

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