September 10, 2012

Current cleansing routine.

I've been performing a new cleansing (and, more generally, skincare) routine for the past month and have been really impressed with the results. It's nothing very complicated, but it has made a big difference in how clean my skin looks and how clear my pores are on the T-zone.

First step: I remove my makeup with micellar lotion (Biorderma and/or Taj): that hasn't changed.

The first thing that changed is that I started using this:

While I was contemplating the expensive purchase of a Clarisonic in the hope of getting rid of my sebaceous filaments, my friend reviewed this little guy and said that it had done a better job than her Clarisonic at cleaning her pore. Bonus: the price is much cheaper too.
This is the Tosowoong pore brush, a little brush that fits in the palm of your hands. It's made of synthetic anti-bacterial hair, thousands of them, and it's extremely soft. Yet it does a great job at cleansing your skin.
It can be purchased here for $25. A bargain.

The way you use it is that you wet it, put cleanser on it, and then use on your face with circular motions. Any cleanser will work, and I took this opportunity to try another one :

This is REN Mayblossom T-zone control cleanser. It's a clear foaming gel that comes in a 150ml bottle with a pump dispenser - very easy to use. You can get it from REN for £17. 
The gel foams quite a bit when you use it with the brush, then you rinse off easily with warm water. It has a slightly herbal scent to it, a fresh one, but it doesn't linger for too long.
I got this because I wanted something for my pores and T-zone, however this is more suitable for combination to oily skin and I know already that in Winter, it will leave my skin feeling too tight. But for now it's working well and my skin does feel soft after I've used it.

Twice a week, instead of cleansing with the gel and brush, I would use this:

This is Esthederm Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser. It looks like a thick balm, which thickens even more and becomes all white when you rub it onto your skin. This needs to be used on dry skin, I must add, and this way you gently exfoliate. No beeds or anything, this is really soft but very effective, and it leaves your skin perfectly smooth.
I got this from Beautybay, 75ml cost €30 as Esthederm is never cheap, but it is a brilliant product and you really don't need much so it will last me a long time. It smells really nice too.
The Osmoclean range also has a gel cleanser that I will probably get in the Winter as a replacement for the REN one.

So that's for the cleansing part of my routine. I'm pretty happy, especially as it doesn't rely on a million products, yet the results are impressive. Stay tuned for the second part on skincare.


  1. Jamais plus je ne mets autre chose que mes doigts sur ma peau ! J'ai succombé à la consommation de masses, j'ai acheté une Clarisonic et jamais ma peau n'a été aussi immonde, boutonneuse, rouge et blessée dans son dedans... Je pense que cette brosse est miraculeuse quand on a déjà une belle peau à la base, donc pas de boutons. Malheureusement je serai acnéique à vie moi =D
    Il me reste une brosse neuve encore emballée, je te prête le tout avec grand plaisir pour essai sur ta peau si tu le désires =)

  2. I've been doing the Clarisonic debate for a while, too. This sounds similar to what I do already, but I like the idea of it being antibacterial. I need a new brush, maybe I'll try to find this one. : )


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