September 6, 2012

First face of the day with Illamasqua Generation Q

Illamasqua Generation Q collection is realeased today, and without lying I can tell I haven't been as excited for a makeup collection in a long time, possibly years. Of course, with all the stunning visuals that were released through Summer, the anticipation has really built upt!

Last week Illamasqua had an early release for 3 products that were voted most popular on all social networks, and these were the 2 eyeshadow palettes and the illuminator in Gleam.
I had my mind set on the palettes already and knew that they would be out of stock pretty fast, so the minute I got the notification of their release by e-mail, I placed my order. I received it yesterday and was absolutely thrill. So of course, today, for the big launch day, I'm able to sport my first Generation Q look.

Illamasqua Empower palette

My choice for today is the Empower palette. This one contains a gorgeous dark stormy blue cream shadow (liquid metal in Slick, described as a charcoal) that I used as a bas all over the lid. Then, a matte eyeshadow in Blink that looks like a boring beige nude in the pan but it has some rosey undertone that makes it absolutely lovely on my skin; I used it to blend up above the crease. The other eyeshadow is a glittery pink one, Synth, and the one I don't like as much in the bunch as I rarely wear pale pinks, but it is nice for a highlight on top of the rest or in the inner corner. The other star of the palette, for me, with the liquid metal, is the pressed pigment in Fervent, a reddish brown with blue duochrome. I actually own this one in its loose form bu I love that I now have it in this palette.
And here's the result:

As I said I used the liquid metal as a base (on top of Nars primer to avoid creasing) but also as a liner on upper and lower lashline. On top of it, the pressed pigment adds a lot of dimension with its duochrome, and the nude matte shadow completes the gradation really well.  Blush is Nars Douceur, Lipstick is Chanel Rouge Allure Enivrée.
Although this looks like the kind of color I don't often wear, I do love the final result and I find it's warm enough for me to not look washed out with it on. I would love to add more drama to it, and I could do so by using more of the liquid metal so that the overall looks appears darker.

I can't wait to get more products from this collection, specifically the Sophie blush and Magnetism lipstick!
What are you getting?


  1. This look is really pretty. Great for the daytime.


  2. Oh my, that is such a gorgeous look! It really makes your eyes stand out. Thank you so much for sharing :D

  3. You look gorgeous. I'm hoping to buy my first Illamasqua products in a few months in USA (for now, taxes on dollar purchases and custom fees make it impossible from Argentina).

  4. This is such a pretty makeup look, it really suits you!

    - Keyta x


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