October 16, 2012

Recent Empties

You dont see many empties on this blog. I feel like I hardly ever finish anything, or then it's always the same stuff, and when I do, I forget to collect the empties until I have enough of them to show you.
But lately I incidentally used up several things at the time, so that's a good occasion!

Here we have:

Bioderma micellar lotion : Nope, this one isn't empty, it's full actually. That's because someone who obviously doesn't understand the value of an empty packaging threw away the empty bottle.
I have been using this for 6 years and go through a bottle every 2 months, so not much to say here...

Phyto Phytojoba shampoo for dry hair : it's moisturizing and it smells delish, in short, I loved it. The one thing I hated though is that there is no pump on this bottle and you tend to pour out way more than what you need. At 16€ a bottle, it's an expensive issue. Not sure whether I'll repurchase because of that.

Ren eye gel : I have already repurchased this in its new container that doesn't pour too much product and I'm still in love with the product. It took me about 6-7 months to use up this one.

Taaj Micellar Lotion : at first I didn't like its smell, but in the end I came to enjoy it and I find this left my skin plump and hydrated so I think I will repurchase during my next skincare shopping trip to France.

Not shown in the pic because I forgot : Givenchy Noir Couture mascara : it was a nice good product, but I have returned to YSL Faux Cils now and I do like it more because it separates the lashes better and makes you look like you have a million of them, which Noir Couture didn't do with its weird wobbly brush.

Nars Eyeshadow Primer : damn, forgot it, post edited now! I have used this since it was released and each tube has lasted me about 8-9 months, I can't remember if this is the 3rd or 4th that I used up but I LOVE this product and am obviously on a new tube already. I love that it keeps my eyeshadows on for 12+ hours (no matter the brand) and that it doesn't make it harder for me to blend shadows the way I want. Best eyeprimer in my opinion.

That's it for small empties lot. Anyone used up things recently?


  1. I am a huge fan of Phytojoba and have been using it for years on my dry, highlighted hair. Luckily, in the states we can buy it by the liter on ebay for around $50. (Yeah, amazing deal!) Unfortunately the search term phyto isn't even allowed on ebay in France, where I live now. But luckily a liter brought back from the states lasts a very long time!

    I have an idea for you. Have you noticed Phyto Progenium comes with a pump? I have no idea why only that one does. Maybe you could buy one and then after it's empty, use the container (or maybe just the pump) for your Phytojoba afterward? I alternate Progenium with my Phytojoba with no bad effects. And I will definitely be saving the empty container!


  2. What about Nars primer?!?!?! :)

  3. I really enjoyed this, I'm tempted to ask my Mum to pick up a bottle of Taaj when she returns from France as it's always nice to try something new.

    Is the NARS tube their eye primer? I've wondered about trying it, do you recommend it?

    1. Best eye primer ever in my opinion, Jane. TFSI worked pretty well for me too but it separates in the tube, and at some point it started irritating my eyes. Nars FTW!

    2. Brilliant, thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely be giving a try!

  4. I'm always amazed that you try so many new facial products. When I do that, I break out and look like a mess. Consistency is key with me. Btw, I have your email marked as !!! to reply to. : D

    1. Hahaha, Marty, you would actually be surprised at how few products I try and use compared to lots of other beauty bloggers. I try new stuff when the season changes and I get new issues, but as soon as I find a routine that works for the situation, I stick to it.
      I can also be carried away and try lots of things but this always messes up my skin so I always end up coming back to something simple and not fancy :)

  5. I agree that NARS has the best eyeshadow primer! The stuff would help even the oiliest of eyelids.


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