October 30, 2012

Wedding party FOTD

One of my very good friends was getting married this week-end.
I must say that finding an outfit that would work for a late October wedding and all its weather uncertainties was quite a challenge, but I managed, and then built my makeup look around it : since I was wearing a black and pearl gray outfit with a quite busy pattern, this was calling for a simple makeup with a red lip.
However, you know me, I have to add a special touch, and I picked Paperself eyelashes for that purpose.

Here's what I was wearing, and you can see the amount of products was rather minimalist

Wedding party makeup
To make sure the base would last all night, I wore Rouge Bunny Rouge matte primer underneath, and this did a great job at keeping my foundation on for over 12 hours.
The choice of the Shiseido lip lacquer was dictated by the fact that I knew I would be eating and drinking, and a lip lacquer does fade nicely and leaves a bit of a stain. So it never looked awful and it was easy to touch up after dinner.

The Paperself lashes were the small Peacock ones, which you apply at the outer corners. Although they're very delicate and the stem is extremely fine, they weren't too difficult to put on and they stayed perfectly put until I removed them. I was really impressed, and a bit sad when I took them off as you can't really use them again - you do get two pairs in the box, though.
I used Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Mirifique (shimmery black) as a liner underneath, as it's so easy to apply and gives a soft look.

It was very nice to wear something a little bit different for a very special occasion!

What's your special occasion makeup? Have you ever used Paperself lashes?


  1. Love it, you look so fresh & lovely! Hope you had a blast :)

  2. What a beautiful look! I really love the lip color - it's such a classic shade, but also very modern. And the lashes are exquisite!

  3. I love this look, you looked gorgeous! I love how you didnt use tons of product, but kept it simple and still look gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous look! I really think that the accent of the lashes is amazing- it's like a more modern take on a traditional cat's eye.

  5. You look stunning. Love the lashes!

  6. You look soooo pretty! I have the full versions of those lashes and haven't worn them yet. I was thinking at my carnival party. What do you think? : ) Beautiful job again. I bet you knocked 'em dead!

  7. The eyelash decor looks terrific. I love your skin base too, your skin looked well rested and glamourous! I was surprised to see it was Nars Sheer Glow as it seemed more dewy than that, and then when I read you used the RBR primer it made sense.


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