November 23, 2012

Foundation Review #37 : Addiction Dewy Glow

Note: this picture was shamelessly stolen from my friend Kate The Driveller. Considering she also provided the product for me to try, I thought it was justified to use the rest of her material :)

Always being in a quest for light-but-covering, dewy, skin like, beautifying foundations that look like you have nothing on, I felt I had to gave the Japanese high end brands a try, especially as they have been big on the radiant skin look this past year. Since I am reading a lot of raves on Addiction products on the web, and since a foundation called Dewy Glow sounds like everything I want, I was really tempted by this one.
It is, however, a product that you have to order from Japan and that is very expensive (up to 60€ depending where you order from), and so my friend Kate offered to send me some of hers so I could try and decide if I wanted to buy.
Funny fact, she wears the lightest color called Waffle, and we thought it would be too light for me. Actually, this matches my neck pretty well. And since her sample was quite generous, I was able to wear this for 10 days, which means I can really tell you everything about it now.

What the brand says about this product:
I haven't found any ifnromation that wasn't in Japanese so I have to go with what Kate said in her own blog post on this product : this has SPF20 PA++ and contains rose centifolia extract and rosehip oil to keep your skin hydrated. It's unscented, which is always a bonus for me.
As you can see the packaging is a frozen glass bottle (30 ml) that looks very elegant but has no pump and is probably heavy to carry. It looks beautiful, though.

There are only 5 shades available: Wafers, Crèpe, Biscuit, Madeleine and Cookie. I kind of want this product because of those names! But obviously not everyone will find a match, it will mostly suit the yellow toned skin with fair to medium color - which you can expect from a Japanese product.

My experience with the product:
Imagine that Nars Sheer Glow, Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua had a love child: it would be Addiction Dewy Glow. (And given the expensive parents, that might explain its price).

The formula is very liquid and runny, and honestly, the first time I used it I felt like it was way too watery to really cover anything, so I was very surpised to see how well it evened out my skin and even cancelled out most of the redness. My face is chronically pinkier and darker than my neck, and this shade matches my neck, well it really succeeds at making my face and neck totally even. Definitely a good point. However this is not a high coverage at all and I have used concealer for blemishes and undereye circles, I rather have it this way than wearing a heavy coverage all over when I don't need it everywhere.

The finish is extremely luminous, and you will have to powder your t-zone if that bothers you. This feels like nothing on the skin, excepted a slight plastic-y feeling when you touch it, but you don't feel the product's weight on your face like you do with some foundations. No cakeyness going on, but I must say I used this on top of very well moisturized skin because a/ I'm dehydrated at the moment and b/ I have a feeling this formula could be a little bit drying. Not in a suck-the-moisture-out-of-of-your-skin way but more in a combat-oilies-for-long way. That makes this foundation quite long lasting on me, I'd say 7-8 hours of wear with no touch up. Although it doesn't really disappear at all on a longer day, but it will let the oil show through at some point. Good cleanser required to remove it, anyway.

The reason why I think this is a mix between the 3 foundations I mentioned above - which are my top 3 favorites, by the way- is because I think you get the radiance of the Nars TM, the skin texture of the Chanel VA, and a coverage that doesn't fall far from Nars Sheer Glow. Quite an interesting combination in my book!

My global impression about the product.
I haven't decided if I am going to buy this now because of its price and because I have bottles of Sheer Glow and VA going strong (I think this is never going to replace a TM on easy days) but I might well get it as a replacement for one of those two, or maybe even both. Slight issue though: Sheer Glow photographs beautifully but the SPF in Dewy Glow makes it a no-no for flash, so it's not a perfect replacement.
I am, however, very impressed with the look of this product and how soft-focused and perfect my cheeks still looked after 11 hours of wearing it. I am a little bit unsure of the shade I should pick, if I need to stick with Wafer or rather go to Madeleine, as I only have online swatches as a reference and I don't want to make a pricey mistake.

In short: if you are travelling in Asia or like to order from Asian websites, definitely check this out. For me it's a perfect everyday foundation for those who want to look polished and have SPF, without having a ton of cakey product on their face. Lovers of the dewy look, this is for you too.

Addiction, you may have tricked me into your exact name thing here.


  1. <3 I totally agree that this is one of those deceptively watery sheer formulas that turn out to cover quite a bit once you step back from the mirror!

    I'm v. curious to hear your thoughts on their primers too... not that I need more primers XD

    1. Haven't tried them yet as I didn't want the primers to influence the foundation appearance and performance! Will try and report soon :)

  2. Glad that you finally decided to try some Addiction! :-) It looked great on you (have seen a FOTD with this foundation. Too bad it's not readily available everywhere...


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