December 24, 2012

A Christmas with the Bandits

At Christmas, you exchange gifts with your friends.
Us Lipstick Bandits, as we're spread all over the world, decided we would exchange looks between us, in a kind of Secret Santa Swap way!

So each of us was given the name of another Bandit, and a request for a particular kind of look that is typical of them.
My mission, as I received it, was: "Jenny (from My Funny Valentine) - must do bloodred lips" (someone actually mentioned using real blood but I have chosed to ignore this part)

I was absolutely thrilled because a/ I love Jenny and she's been a blogger friend for a long time, and b/she's the quintessence of dramatic eyes and red lips looks, which I absolutely love. She has something of a modern Marie-Antoinette or of a real-life Jessica Rabbit that I find completely stunning.
Oh and if I may add a little c/we do own quite a lot of the same products and share some makeup favorites.

However, and I'm stating the obvious here, we don't look like each other at all, so those products we share are obviously going to deliver very different results. I was curious as how different they would be, and so I decided to re-create a full look of hers and I picked this one (Jen, I hope you don't mind me borrwing your picture)

Here Jenny used the Illamasqua Neutral palette, which I adore, and Illamasqua Box lipstick - shock horror, I don't own that one! Plus, I had to have bloodred lips, remember? So I went for something glossier and bluer (it's a discontinued Dior lipgloss)...And here's my recreation!

This looks much more dramatic on me due to my paler skin and the cool Winter light, but it looks very nice nevertheless and I got tons of compliments on those eyes!

And of course, Jenny being an optometrist and a fellow glass-wearer, I had to do a specs shot just for her!

Merry Christmas, Lipstick Bandits and everyone!

Now go and discover the other Bandits looks, I can't wait to see who recreated one of mine!

And a new Bandit this round:


  1. WOW! Jenny's signature look totally looks great on you Mariella. :) I love it. Merry Christmas!

  2. You nailed the look Mariella... gorgeous! Merry Christmas :-)

  3. SPECS SHOT! That's so cute! And the bloodred lips were spot on :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Well done, Mariella! This is so JMFV! You look fantastic! :)

  5. Wow love it! You're whole look is awesome!

  6. You look amazing Mariella, thanks for the glasses photo- so cute~!

  7. Eee! This is absolutely spot-on, Mariella. I honestly can't think of another Bandit who could have done a better job with Jenny's signature look -- not only does it suit you incredibly well, it just seems so well executed!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas :)

  8. It's perfect! I love the dramatic eye makeup on you, too! I think you need to do this more often! :D

  9. ohh this is beautiful, you recreated her look flawlessly. Lovin that specs shot :) Merry Christmas!

  10. Nice one, Mariella! I think you got Jenny's look perfectly :D Merry Christmas!

  11. Hmmm... my last comment disappeared. Anyway, I love the look! <3


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