December 19, 2012

Dior bits: Nude Compact Powder, and Foundation Brush

I realize there are a couple of Dior purchases I made a little while ago but didn't tell you about, so it's time we rectify this!

1. Diorskin Nude Compact Powder.
You may remember that last Spring, I bought the Clarins Ever Matte powder and that I was liking it a lot.
Well when I started to reach the bottom of the compact in the centre, the whole thing just broke in a thousand pieces. Which means I lost about 50% of the product, and I was a bit upset about that. When I went back to the dept. store, I heard that this compact wasn't refillable, so I decided against repurchasing the Clarins product even though I found it lovely.

I was advised by the SA to go for the new Diorskin Nude compact. This one is refillable, which is a good thing. The less good thing is the price, though: €52. Huge - more than for their liquid foundation. But they'll tell you that you pay for the compact and then next purchase will be cheaper.
In the compact, you have a nice mirror, a sponge that has different textures on each side for different coverage levels, and there's a little flat powder brush in the velvet pouch the compact comes in.
As usual, the palest available shade, #20, is very pink toned. That means I had to go one shade up and get #30.

My overall experience with the product.
Well first of all, of course, shade #30 is a bit too dark and *shifty eyes*
I bought in a rush because I needed a powder and I should have looked into this longer, I suppose.
Then I can't determine if this product is really a compact powder, as in finishing powder, or if it's a foundation. The SA told me it was a powder but I keep reading blog posts about people considering this to be a powder foundation. This, in my opinion, influence the powder texture so you might want to double check on that.
I find that the product is not extremely mattifying and that when I apply it on top of my base, as a touch up powder at the end of my long days (which is the only use I have for a compact powder, really), it can easily look cakey. Even on top of tinted moisturiser.

All in all, I'm not too happy with this. I'm going to use it (and it's probably going to take a long while since it's just for touch ups) because I can't accept the loss of 52€ but I won't repurchase. I kind of regret not having gotten another 30€ Clarins powder instead, even at the risk of it breaking again.

2. Dior Backstage Full Coverage Liquid Foundation Brush.

I was attracted by the sleek design of this new brush, released at the same time as the new Nude base range,  and I had been thinking for a long time of getting another flat top dense brush for foundation, as it's the kind I like best. I had thought about the Shiseido one for the longest time but it's not available in my city, and since the Dior one looks a lot like it, I thought I had found a perfect dupe.
This one is definitely expensive at a 51€ mark, good thing I got it with a gift card. It is, however, extremely soft and it applies foundation beautifully. Dior markets this one for a high coverage application, while they have another, regular flat paddle brush, marketed for lighter applications. Regardless of coverage, I prefer this kind of brush with which you can buff the product as much as you want.
I have actually used it with Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation which is THE hardest foundation to apply EVER - and it worked like a charm. That's kind of the ultimate test for me.
I have to be completely honest and tell you that the Real Techniques Buffing Brush will do as good of a job but if you want to invest in a luxurious foundation brush that does the job perfectly, this one is ace.


  1. Bummer about the lame powder. That brush is amazing looking-- I've been wanting something like that for a while. It's good to hear that it performs similarly to RT buffing brush, I do own that so I don't feel like I am missing out too much! Still, I may need to invest one of these days...

    1. If you want to splurge, I hear the identical Shiseido one is actually cheaper than the Dior (bummer...)

  2. They had Dior at Costco today and I thought about you. : )

  3. It's so strange that the different European countries get different colours? I have this in 022, which I bought in the autumn (and which is now too peachy), and my normal to-go-colour from Dior has been 020, but now it's too dark. But here, we also get everything from Dior in 010 Ivory, which is neutral-ish, and I'm testing the "new" Nude foundation in that particular colour now. It definitely seems to have been improved from the previous version, which oxidised badly on me. The new one has a smoother texture, and stays true to colour until it's removed.


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