December 29, 2012

Femme Boulevard: Ushering 2013 With Style

Femme Boulevard is a group of beauty bloggers that post monthly themed looks. That's not unlike us Lipstick Bandits. Well guess what: the Femme Boulevard members invited other blogers, among which some of the Lipstick Bandits, to join for a New Year stylish celebration!

The mission: metallic eyes and vampy lips. I was too happy to accept this collaboration and create a dramatic face.

What I used to create this look:
- Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi is my base of choice for special occasions, so of course I picked that one
- The vampy lip was only a question of deciding which color to pick in my large collection. I opted for the very classic Mac Rebel!
- For the metallic effect on the eyes, I used the beautiful Nars Etrusque single eyeshadow, that I applied wet for a more metallic effect. I then blended a  matte brown in the crease to give more depth. Etrusque is also applied in the inner corner and under the lower lashline.
- A blush that I love for dramatic looks is Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita. This is really scary in the pan but is so pretty and subtle when applied. It goes with any vampy lip.

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  1. I love the golden metallic shade on your eyes, it looks so dramatic! And the lip is perfection, I'm in love with this colour, it's amazing! Looking good!

  2. I need NARS Etrusque =)
    Love the colour combination, stunning!!
    Happy New Year xx

    1. It's my favorite gold but I'm very much afraid it was a limited edition :(

  3. Oh wow beautiful combination! You look great! :)

  4. OOO you have NARS Etrusque? JEEEEAAAALOUS! It looks SO great on you! MAC Rebel is definitely your shade too :)

  5. Look at that gold. I WANT IT but I can't have it!! Beautiful, Mariella :-)

  6. Hmm another MAC lipstick!! I really need to head into town to check their shades out! Am learning so much from you ladies and you look gorgeous,Mariella! :)

  7. I love that gold on your eyes! Stunning, Mariella! :)

  8. oooh i love the lipstick on you! :)


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