January 16, 2013

Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour Brush

Hello everyone. No, I have not disappeared from the surface of the earth. And it's not that I have been consciously taking a break of feeling uninspired. The truth is, the last 6 or 7 weeks have looked and felt like a long rainy day of November. I can't remember when I saw the sun for the last time and that means that for weeks I have had zero daylight available to take pictures. That means no faces of the day, no swatches, no haul pics, nada.
A project for this year will be to get decent lighting and photography material so this stops being a problem, but that is a lot of money to invest and I have other projects to save for as well so... for now I'll have to do with my Ixus and daylight, when I can get any.

As you can see, the weather hasn't held me from shopping! I don't know why exactly but i recently developped an obsession about getting an angled shader brush. I think in my mind, I was imagining this would apply shadow and blend at the same time and would be great for quick and easy looks.

During a little visit with friends at a Laura Mercier counter, I decided to get their Angled Eye Colour Brush.

It is seriously angled, as you can see. It is also 100% natural hair, so not suitable for vegans.
And actually it doesn't really do what I think it would do, although that is entirely my fault : this is a very stiff brush, and you cannot blend with it, I should have known better when I bought it.

On the other hand, the surface is quite large. It will pick up quite a lot of product, scratching the surface of your eyeshadows a little bit, and then it will apply the color efficiently and easily all over the lid.

If you have very small eyes, this is not going to be a brush for you as it is quite big. Unless you like your wash of eyesadow to go quite far up, like I do, you will find this is not precise enough.
For me, I actually like it. I'm used to using the huge Mac 227 to apply large washes of color and this one is a good substitute for it. But - it doesn't really blend and won't save you the extra blending brush and time.

Laura Mercier Angled Eye Color Brush : USD 29 - € 35 (bad conversion factor strikes again)


  1. Yet another brush that sounds like a no go for me too. I'm so picky about eyeshadow brushes, but your review shows me that this is a fail no matter how picky one is. Too bad. It had a good idea behind it. I wonder, could you use it for contouring? Or is it too small for that?

    1. You mean contouring the face? it would be too small and too stiff.
      And for contouring the eye it's definitely too big, it covers half of my mobile lid!

    2. Oh man. That sucks. Oh well...May you can give it a friend with really really big eyelids! LOL

  2. I saw this earlier and thinking of getting it because of the unique shape. I agree that this is more suitable for people with bigger eyes or if we want to apply eyeshadow higher :)


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