February 28, 2013

Now we have to dance for one more of us

I rarely, if ever, talk about personal stuff on here. It is a beauty blog and that's how I want it to be. But this week something happened and I have felt just unable to write all the posts that I had planned, so I'm writing this one instead. Normal activity will resume tomorrow.

It's a given, when you grow older, that you are going to lose people from the previous generations. I'm not saying you are ever ready to go through that, but you know, deep inside of you, that it will happen.
What you don't expect, is seeing people your age going. People just like you, in the same stages of life, with the same energy, the same projects for the future. Gone, in an instant, just like that.

Or, rather, like that : 

Full lyrics available here if you want to read them. 

We're all going to live to dance another day, so let's enjoy it to the fullest. No point in postponing the good stuff for too long, or keeping a nice perfume or a luxurious bath oil just for special occasions we don't know for sure we'll have.
 And that applies to many many other things in life.

Enjoy the dance as much as you can, people.


  1. So sorry to hear about what you're going through, Mariella. My condolences.

  2. J'ai des petits frissons partout... Courage ma belle...


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