March 10, 2013

Sunday "Share the Love"

I haven't done one of these in ages, but there are a few videos and blogs I've been following lately that I really wanted to tell you about!

Sharon Farrell
An Irish makeup artist living in Australia, I love her accent, and she works with Mac products a lot, which is good because I still own a lot of Mac even though I branched out these past 2 years. I think she used to work for Mac actually.
I will post next week my recreation of one of her looks, but I found this contouring video very interesting and thought I'd share.

Karima from Shameless Fripperies
Another Australian based blogger with a lovely accent, Karima does fantastic makeup and the quality of her videos is just exquisite. You can also find her blog here.
Here's a gorgeous smokey eye tutorial using Burberry shadows.

Jenny from My Funny Valentine
Three is a charm, so that's a third Australian for today :)
I've known Jenny and her blog for years through the Lisptick Bandits coalition, but she is now doing videos as well and I hope she gets encouragements so she wants to do more!
(Bonus: I love the music in this one!)

Also, I wanted to share this Pixiwoo Foundation Masterclass that was broadcasted on the Daily Mix channel.
I love watching the new premium channels like Daily Mix TV and Body Talk Daily, and the Pixiwoo sisters have shows in both of them, so do check them out for something different.

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely Sunday!

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  1. I adore Sharon! She is so beautiful and talented. And she also reminds me of you, she is also a gorgeous redhead!

    Have a great week, M.


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