April 15, 2013

The Lipstick Bandits do Corals for Spring!

When, during one of our secret Bandit meetings, we decided on the color coral for this Spring edition, we realized there was a bit of a debate around it. Is it a pink? An orange? A red? All of the above? 
My idea was that coral had to be the color of the marine coral. You know, the red-orange pinkish (yeah, that helps) deposite used to make jewelry? 
Anyway, there was still a bit of controversy, so to solve my dilemma I went for a lipstick with "coral" in the name - if the color is wrong I cannot be blamed.
This lipstick is Estee Lauder Coral Fantasy.

Is it red, pink, orange? It is CORAL!
I have had it for two years and it is one of my favorite colors for Spring Summer. Despite the fact that Lauder lipsticks have a very strong fake fig smell that I am not crazy about, I love their very creamy texture and insane pigmentation. Plus, I think the packaging is really cool as it allows you to see the color, yes it's still elegant.
And what do I pair coral lips with? Navy flicky liner, of course (this is Bobbi Brown Cobalt Ink).

Bright lips + blue liner = love

This combination of a bright lip and liner is probably my favorite look of all time, possibly my signature look. I love it with fuchsia all year long, with red in Winter, but for Spring, coral wins my heart!
If you need a great coral blush to go with it, Illamasqua Tremble will always do the trick as you can see.

Now check out what kind of coral the other Bandits picked!


  1. EEE Mariella, I love Coral Fantasy on you! And your eyeliner!!! Perfection! Definitely makes me long for summer already :)

  2. LOVE it Mariella! This one looks really pretty on you and just brightens up your face! xo

  3. That was my tactic, too - if "coral" is in the name, it's out of my hands, right? :P Stunning pick, Mariella!

  4. Great choice! I love corals, and this one looks lovely on you.

  5. Lovely choice! I'm definitely going for a blue liner tomorrow thanks to this post. You always create the most inspired pairings!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I don't like the scent of EL lipsticks too! That's why I don't buy or own them. This colour looks great on you, Mariella. You should wear it more often :-)

  7. pretty pretty pick! Love the makeup you paired it with too.

  8. Pretty coral shade, Mariella! And I went with blue liner too! It just goes together so well :D

  9. Luuuurve the way you did your liner! And great pick for your coral lippy Mariella :)

  10. Lovely combination!this is the coral shade I've been looking for! Perhaps I should get some blue eyeliners as well :)


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