May 30, 2013

& Other Stories beauty haul

I took those pictures a while ago and then forgot to post about them. Right when &Other Stories launched their website, I decided to order and try a few products. They do deliver internationally, and the delivery was really fast, 2 days for me if I remember correctly.

This is the lovely box my order came in:

Inside were those 2 envelopes, the large one containing all my products.

The small one contained my invoice, and a nice large sample of Body Lotion. Lovely treat.

And here are the goodies! 

Here are the swatches: on top, Eyebrow Pencil in Worcester Taupe (8€). 
Bottom: blusher in Cire Red (12€), metallic eyeshadow in Linen Beige Naquet , matte eyeshadow in Tiretaine blush (9€ each). The brush you see in the top picture is the Artist brush (9€) which is a fluffy blending brush.

The pencil brow is the same color as Mac Omega. It's not hard but not really waxy either, and it's good quality. But I found it quite short, well shorter than I expected. On the other hand it's much cheaper than the high-end brow pencils.

The blush is extremely pigmented and not chalky at all despite being matte. I am absolutely in love with the packaging and the engraved Shakespeare quote. I had a hard time choosing among all their colors as I wanted to get a shade I didn't already have (this is getting harder and harder) but if the others are the same quality, then they're definitely worth a look!

The champagne eyeshadow is really pretty, although very glittery as it's a metal finish. But it' a lovely all over shade in a very nice packaging.
The matte one I got for a friend because I thought that it might be a dupe for Nars Sex Appeal blush (which is discontinued), sadly it wasn't. I swatched it before sending it to her but I didn't try it as an eyeshadow so can't comment on that.

All in all the I think the quality isn't bad for the price and the delivery was fast and efficient. I would say it's even more worth if you can go in store, check, and get the products without having to pay for the delivery. From the reviews I read online the body products are really nice too, but I hope I gave you a nice little insight into the makeup.

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  1. I LOVE the look of the blush, what a stunning shade <3

    Jennie xo |


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