June 11, 2013

FOTD with Mac Bare My Soul quad

Having featured Bare my Soul quad in my May favorites, I thought I should also show you how gorgeous it is when it is on!

Bare My Soul is the neutral quad on the left. It features a beautiful tealish green called When In Rio that can remind you of Mac Club in the pan but looks really different on the skin, as well as 2 browns, Romatico (a soft medium brown that reminds me of Burberry Pale Barely in some aspects) and Friendly (a rich warm chocolate brown).
The gold shade named Bare My Soul, which has a little bit of copper in it, is actually the one I find the hardest to wear but I always find difficulties with this kind of shades that are a bit mustardy. I keep it for inner corner use. 

Here's an example of how I've been wearing it, with the teal as a liner. 

I don't think these shades have exact dupes in the Mac permanent collection at all, so this quad is worth getting if you like it and can still find it. If not, I would bet that Inglot must have similar shades in their collection.

Another favorite is featured there, and that's the Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Glow in Coral - perfect to tie this whole warm look together!


  1. OOO you pretty, Mariella! I really really like Bare My Soul but decided to skip. Every time I see a post about it though I kinda wonder if I'll regret this forever LOL

    1. hopefully not lol! it's not completely un-dubable either

  2. I haven't been using or purchasing MAC at all, but this quad looks lovely.

  3. OMG, I should have not visited your blog today :s That quad looks great, and I've stopped buying Mac e/s a long time ago, seems I should pick this one.

    You look gorgeous!!! I always love your FOTDs


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