June 13, 2013

FOTD with Mac Temperature Rising quad

Second installment in featuring the Temperature Rising quads with the eponym one! 

Temperature Rising is the quad on the right. It features a mix of rather warm purples with a warm peach -  a weird choice in my book for a Summer collection but since I don't have many purples I thought these would be nice to have. 
The peach shade is Temperature Rising, it is warmer and darker than All That Glitters, for example. It probably has a bit more pink in it too. Then we have  Swelter, a mid-tone greyish violet that I find really pretty, Circus/Performance Art wich is a frosted mauve with a bit of gold, and finally Beauty Marked which actually has a lot of black in it and is part of the permanent collection.

I have been wearing this with the peach on the lid but I'm still unsure if I really like it this way - I will probably use this quad more at the end of Summer and combining the purples only, keeping the peach for the inner corner or the lower lashline.

I don't like this quad as much as the other one, probably because I don't like purples as much as neutrals either, but I do think it's a nice one to have if you want a few good purples, and one that I would really recommend if you have green eyes.


  1. Hi! I think both quads look amazing on you, but I wonder if you meant that Temperature Rising was the quad on the *right*? :)


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