July 17, 2013

Current loves from The Body Shop

Although they don't have any store in my immediate area, I'm always happy to give The Body Shop a visit when I come across one of their shops. There is something comforting about their body products, as they are so nice to use and so reliable. I also like to browse their makeup even if I don't own many of those products, but I did find some little gems in the past (particularly in the blusher section) so I am always happy to give their new products a look or a try. So I thought I would tell you about 2 little products that I currently love and use daily.

The first one is the Olive Body Butter. I got a mini jar of it in a beauty box and at first I was a bit surprised by the idea of using olive - not that they're not rich and moisturizing, but because you'd think their scent is quite far from the usual sweet Body Shop body butters. I must admit I thought this would smell a bit like pesto.
Well, not at all. Although the butter itself is definitely green (a nice peppermint green I would say), I don't find it smells of olives at all. In fact, it smells rather fresh, a bit like bamboo shower gel if that tells you something. So it's a really nice fresh smell that is very nice to use in the current heat.
I know, I know, it might sound weird to use a body butter in the Summer. I should really do that in the Winter more, but I can't be bothered when my legs don't see daylight. But in Summer, I want everything to look moisturized and firm, and body butters are great for that, giving your skin a slight sheen that looks very healthy. Perfect for arms and legs!

The second one is the All In One Concealer. I was sent this one to try by The Body Shop in the shade 01, which is the lightest and slightly pink/salmony in tone. I wasn't sure I would like it because I often find nothing compares to my Estee Lauder Double Wear, and also because it's not the kind of shade I usually go for. 
Again, I was pleasantly surprised. You actually see a different color in the center of the product, it's a bit like a two-in-one moisturizer and concealer. The whole formula is really emollient and easy to blend, but also lightweight. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a dry undereye area, as it would be very comfortable to wear. Despite the moisturizing ingredients, it doesn't slide around at all, I just set it very lightly with my face powder.
The salmony color is surprisingly brightening. On good days I use it on its own, mainly on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. If I didn't sleep enough, I use a little bit of the Double Wear on top, but much less than when I use it on its own, and the All In One Concealer acts as a corrector - but with a much lighter texture than, say, the Bobbi Brown one.

Olive Body Butter - 200ml - £13 - €17 - $20
All In One Concealer - 2.3g - £8,50 - €11 - $12

These two little products are going to stay with me this Summer. What are your favorite Body Shop products at this time of the year?

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  1. I love the body shop's body butters but have never tried the olive one! The strawberry body butter is my favourite xx



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