July 27, 2013

(Makeup) Instructions for a Heatwave

If you haven't read that excellent book y Maggie O'Farrell, I really recommend you do. However it does not, sadly, give any real instruction on how to deal with the kind of weather we've been having these past weeks. Nor on how to keep your makeup from melting off your face. 

But I have found, I think, I routine that works well - and interestingly it does involve a lot of cream products, as you can see on the picture above.
Mind you, I don't use them all at the same time, here's what I'd have on my face on one typical day:

And that would be:
- some kind of tinted moisturizer, which is usually This Works Perfect Skin Miracle. But the REN BB cream (yes, you read that well, more to come on that subject) does work as well
- a bit of foundation around the nose and chin to hide discoloration
- powder bronzer of some kind, this one is the Dior Skin Nude Glow one
- cream blusher - and I love those Bourjois ones, they're easy to apply and blend and stay on all day
- a wash of one cream eyeshadow with mascara :  Maybelline Color Tattos are fab and inexpensive, but of course Mac Paintpots or cream shadows from Shiseido, Bobbi Brown or other brands are great as well. I use Nars eyeshadow primer underneath and they won't budge
- a chubby stick type of thing on the lips, this one is also by Bourjois and a great little product.

The result: a face that stays on all day through the heat, with just a bit of Chanel Les Beige to touch up the T-Zone mid day.

Bonus: it takes less than 10 mins to put on.

Do you have a makeup routine for hot weather? 


  1. This is very similar to how I've been applying makeup at the moment, the heat just makes everything so much easier to come off, I love how simple you've kept this!



  2. Hello, I'm curious about This Works Perfect Skin Miracle, what shade equivalent would you say this is (i.e. what shade do you wear in Chanel Vitalumere)? I don't think This Works is available in the U.S. but I may check this out. Thanks!

    1. Hi Claire! I'm wearing Chanel VA in B30 on the picture. The This Works Perfect Skin Miracle is about an NC20 I would say. It has some color to it but it's just a moisturizer with some caramel in it, so it will warm up the complexion but is still quite sheer at the same time. If you are darker than me already, it won't have any extra coloring benefit.

    2. @Claire--You can get This Works products in the US at Beautyhabit.com (no affiliation), fyi.


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