July 22, 2013

SPF reminder

We've been under a really hot sun for more than 2 weeks now and it's not foreseen to stop any time soon. Though this long awaited Summer is welcome, it means that you have to take a few precautions, like drink enough water (2 litres a day is recommended in this heat), avoid physical exercise during the afernoon, and of course: wear SPF.

This video from BodyTalk daily is a great reminder of the basics:

Little summary:
- SPF doesn't add up, putting 2 SPF 15 products in top of each other does not make an SPF 30
- the SPF is an indication of how long your skin is protected. SPF 50 protects your skin longer than SPF 30. So don't think that an SPF 50 will prevent you from tanning or will be too heavy for you: it's a question of time, nothing else

And as a side note, if you have young children, a sunblock, which is a mineral filter, is better than a sun protection with chemical filters. Avene has a great SPF 50 mineral filter (see picture above) that is great for the whole family

Stay protected and hydrated, and enjoy the sun!

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  1. I really need to take this tip on board, i rarely ever use SPF, although i know alot of foundations actually have this in it now so i will be sure to check mine, if not get me some asap!




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