August 28, 2013

Illamasqua Sacred Hour haul

Illamasqua just released their Fall collection called Sacred Hour.
I was thrilled to discover that there were lots of new and innovative products in this collection, and decided to get two of them (that a lovely friend purchased for me when they were pre-released at Selfridges, and sent me over across the Channel).

Introducing: Reflection Eye Palette, and Velvet Blusher in Peaked.

The palette is made of 4 shades that are the new generation of cream gel shadows, which were released this Spring with a very bright colorful palette. This new release is much more my cup of tea in terms of shades, so I was very excited to try this new palette!

The shades are beautiful and complex, with a lovely sheen to them. They are extremely easy to apply and to blend and you can create a sophisticated look in a few minutes, even using just your fingers.
The one down side of them is that they will crease after a 5-6 hours, even with Nars primer underneath, but I do want to try them with other primers and see how they behave. 

The blush is also a new texture of cream, that is very different from the usual cream blushers in the range. It has more of a matte satin finish, but the pigmentation is still incredible and the longevity is excellent. Peaked is a dusky rose that is quite dark, but it is blendable and I do think pale skintones can make it work.

I'm very excited about this collection and those new goodies, and I already know I'm going to wear them loads for Fall, probably with a vampy lip!

Have you tried anything from this collection?

August 10, 2013

Recent Empties

I didn't make a favorite post this month, because I pretty much said it all about my July favorites in my Instructions for a Heatwave post. But I have a few empties for you and thought I'd talk you through them.

Taaj Eau Micellaire that I reviewed last year : this was a travel size bottle I got for free. Still a nice product to use in Summer with its citrusy smell.

Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Water : another travel size, which I received in my Deauty beauty box a couple of months ago. I would say this works pretty well, and it's unscented. But I do find it stings my eyes a little bit, which Bioderma never do. I don't mind removing my face makeup with a cleanser and a cloth, but I do want to remove my eye makeup first with a micellaire, so if the products stings my eye, it doesn't really work for me. Good makeup remover for the face, though, but I won't purchase.

The Body Shop Shea Scrub for the body. I recently raved about some Body Shops products, and I need to add this one to the list. I got this mini size in a Deauty box as well, it had enough in it for 3 full body scrubs and I used it before self tanning. It leaves the skin feeling really soft and moisturized.
It's not as abrasive as the REN Guerande Salt scrub but if you have sensitive skin it's probably better. Also, it's not really scented (unless the REN that smells a bit weird), which can be a good thing.

Diorskin Nude foundation sample : this foundation was reformulated last year, and I got this sample to try but as usual, it was too dark for me so I put it aside to wait for Summer so I could wear it.
I must say that I am not really liking it. In terms of coverage, it's very similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, but it is much thicker in texture and I don't really like that. It's harder to apply and it does look like makeup. Also, it does contain alcohol so I couldn't wear it in Winter. This being said, it lasts longer and better than the Chanel VA, so that is a good point. 

I know, I'm cheating a bit with all these minis, but I thought the small reviews would be useful to some.
Have you used up something recently?