September 22, 2013

Pores and wrinkle no more? Nanoblur versus Garnier Perfect Blur

Oh hai, long time no see. I wasn't intending to take a hiatus, but with the Summer being over and me being busy starting up a business, shopping for a new car, keeping up with 98 beauty blogs a day and about a million other things...I just didn't have the time to blog.
But I'm back with a comparative review!

So it looks like "optical blurring" is the new thing in cosmetics these days. With products that claim to visibly smooth every pore or fine line so that you visibly look fresher and younger in a few seconds, I felt equally interested and dubious. The only way to know was to try.

The contestants.
1. Garnier 5 seconds Perfect Blur. I got a full size (30ml) in my beauty box subscription but this retails for € or £ 11.20 (bad conversion rate strikes again) so the high end spectrum of drugstore skincare.  

It claims to be a smoothing and perfecting primer with optical effect. 5sec Perfect Blur takes 5 seconds to apply and improves the look of your skin immediately.

2. Indeed Labs Nanoblur - that's from the makers of Hydraluron. 30 ml as well. Retails for £19.99 - I might be wrong but I think it was a bit more a few months ago.

This claims to immediately reduce the appearance of skin ageing, including the look of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sagginess and enlarged pores. The packaging talks about taking 10 years off your face.

How to use them.
Both products don't work the same way. Perfect Blur is marketed as a primer, so you should use it under your makeup and on top of your skincare. The brand says you can also reapply during the day, on top of makeup, if needed.

Nanoblur is a finishing product that you apply on top of foundation. The brand clearly states that it is not a primer. You can also use it on top of your skincare if you're not wearing makeup, and if your skin is very dry, you can mix it with the moisturizer and apply in patting motion.

My experience with both products.
I started with the Garnier Perfect Blur. It comes out of the tube as a white, rather solid cream, looking a bit like some matte primers. It goes on very smoothly and you can definitely feel that it is very siliconey. It makes a great base for your makeup and indeed, it does blur imperfections.

But... it does feel a bit oily, because it's very siliconey. And after a few hours, it starts to actually look oily! Which isn't a great look, especially around your nose. So I must say I wasn't really a fan anymore after the first couple of hours. I also didn't try to put more on top because really, it was feeling to greasy for me to want to add something on top.

With the Nanoblur, I applied on top of makeup. The product had a very similar aspect, like a white solid-ish cream that looks mattifying, but the feeling was very different and not at all greasy this time. I found, however, that this was moving my makeup around a bit, so you really need to pat gently. Right after the product was applied, I did feel a tightening effect. It was a bit surprising, in fact, because the optical effect was there, but you could feel your skin being more tightened. 
I did a little experiment the next day and tried to apply this under makeup, so my foundation wouldn't move around. The tightening effect was the same, and I actually don't think that the effect was bad or that this wouldn't work, even if this isn't how you're supposed to use Nanoblur.

The verdict.

Does Nanoblur make you look 10 years younger? I don't know. It does definitely have a tightening and blurring effect and it doesn't impact your makeup negatively. But I find it hard to measure how much of a difference it makes, or if you do absolutely need this. I like it and will use it, probably not on a daily basis but more for special occasions, but I don't know yet if I would repurchase it.

Garnier feels like your regular pore minimizing primer, but is very siliconey, and I would definitely not recommend this for (even slightly) oily skin, or even for normal skin because this didn't work well on my cheeks either even though they're not oily.

I am afraid the pricier product is the best working one.