October 19, 2013

On my face at the moment

After a Summer of wearing minimal makeup, partly because of the heat, partly because I was uninspired, I felt a strong need to re-invent my makeup a bit.
Nothing wrong with wearing a cream blush and a cream eyeshadow day after day after day, but at some point I got bored of it. And possibly, the size of my stash just felt overwhelming rather than inspiring. I had to dig into it and found some loved-then-forgotten stuff that I should start using again.

After having found a foundation that works for me and my current skin needs,  I moved on to the eyes. 

I have found a technique that I like and that is a great compromise between being quick, looking fresh and giving a lot of definition. It is perfect for daily wear, for office wear, and for a night out you can easily vamp it up.

What I use:
- a light to medium shadow on the mobile lid, it can be matte or shimmery
- a medium to dark color in the crease, that I blend up, but that I do not join with the outer corner
- a khol pencil applied between the upper lashes and closely to the lashline before applying mascara
- a matte highlight shade under the brow, which for me is usually identical to my skintone

Favorite products for this look: my Inglot palette,  my Burberry shadows - Pale Barley, Gold Trench, Midnight Brown and Taupe Brown- or my Makeup Geek shadows. For khols, nothing beats the Mac ones in my opinion, Teddy, Prunella and Sense of Style being my favorites.

If you want to make this more dramatic, you can:
- add a dark shade on the outer corner, either just on the crease and blended a bit down, or joining the outer corner
- more khol, possibly smudged, for example on the lower lashline, or in the waterline

Colors can be picked according to your mood, clothes (if matching is your thing), eye color...

With that, flawless skin, defned brows, fresh looking blush (Illamasqua Naked Rose, of course) and lipbalm or very natural lipstick. I currently enjoy the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector in the pale pink shade. On the whole this takes me 15 min and I don't rush into it at all.

What is your current favorite look?


  1. Pretty Mariella! I really like this look for your eye shape!

  2. Very soft and natural :-) I always go for bold eye make-up and flawless-looking skin and soft lips.

  3. I think I need Naked Rose blush in my life <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. That's gorgeous Mariella!!! I always love your delicate FOTDS :)

  5. I often wear a similar eye look myself, although I highlight under my brows... but then, I almost always have to have something in the inner corners :)

  6. You def look gorgeous. Light and natural makeup that have bring out your natural beauty. Great picks on makeup products and colors.


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