December 1, 2013

The new Makeup Geek brushes : review

Foreword: Ironically, after I had drafted this post, my house was broken into and ALL of my brushes were stolen, among many other things, excepted some of these that were still put aside in my photography corner. So I'm going to be re-building my brush collection from these...

Makeup Geek recently relaunched their brush line. Unlike the previous line, the new one is 100% custom made following Marlena’s requirements.
There are currently 6 face brushes and 10 eye brushes in the line so almost anyone’s needs can be met.

The Face Brushes.

These are my favorite in the range.  The foundation brushes and the buffing brush, particularly, are really great. They’re made of synthetic hair that is incredibly soft ! The buffing brush is a great multi-tasker that will also work for cream blushers or bronzers.

The blush brush and contour brush are a bit different than what you might expect : their size is smaller than most face brushes. I personally don’t mind, as I tend to like really small round brushes for blush application (Mac 109 or smaller) and I also think a nice little brush for contour gives you more control than a regular angled blush brush. But I can imagine they might not be everyone’s taste.

The highlighter brush is the one I haven’t really used, as I don’t tend to use an highlighter often,  or I apply it with fingers. It is however small enough to be precise and very soft.

The Eye Brushes.

Here I think the strength of the range lies in the various crease brushes, outer V and pencil brush. These are great for precision work, and there’s a format for everyone in there, whether you have little or much lid space.  They’re nice and soft and they keep their shape well.  I think it’s something that no brand currently offers.

I do regret, however, that there’s currently no stiff flat shader brush, and no blending brush that has the shape I like. There are, however, a few brushes for eyeshadow application and blending, so the range might fill all your needs.

Not featured in pictures (because it was with my dirty brushes and I forgot) : the bent liner brush, which has a very nice thin point and is just stiff enough to keep its shape perfectly while you’re using it. If you like a bent liner brush, this one is excellent.


  1. That's a loooooooot a brushes! :-) Thanks for the overview, this is most helpful.

  2. Luckily you still had these! Hope you've been doing well coping with the effects of the burglary..

    I've been wanting to place an order with Makeup Geek for a while now, maybe I'll include a brush or two when I finally do!

    1. Thanks Isabelle! There are things that can't be replaced, sadly, as they're about sentimental value. But brushes can be, at least.

  3. Hi, M!

    So sorry to hear about the burglary, I hope you're ok.

    These brushes look great, they surely worth a try.


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