February 24, 2014

Chanel Cream Blushers in Chamade and Intonation

Look at these beauties, that Chanel has released for Spring!
Last year, when the cream blushers were launched, I decided to pass on them as I was very happy with the Bourjois ones and thought they would be pretty similar in texture and finish.
Not untrue at all, in fact. But what I know now is that the Chanel blushers are a hundred times more pigmented than the Bourjois ones.
And also, those beautiful colors had to be mine!

Chamade is very red in the pan, and is described by the brand as a "deep pink". If you are pale like me, be really cautious with this one because you it really is pigmented. Which means that much darker skintones will be able to wear it too.
On me I would say that it is indeed a deep pink, with perhaps a hint of fresh berry, and I have to apply the tiniest amount with my finger, then blend with a buffing brush.

Apologies for the bad pic taken in late afternoon gloomy light, but the blush color shows true to self here! Lipstick is MakeupGeek Delightful.

Intonation is described as a "warm rose" but I would definitely say that it's a coral. It looks a tad bit orangey in the pan, but it's really corally on my cheeks, and it pairs perfectly with my coral lipsticks!

Intonation is Limited Edition, while Chamade is permanent, so if you want to pick just one, I would definitely go for Intonation, which is also a little bit easier to work with on paler skintones, in my opinion.

The texture of these Chanel blushes is very unlike any other cream blush I tried, excepted as I said, the Bourjois ones, perhaps. They're definitely cream but they do feel like powder. They're not glowy, they don't feel sticky but they do last much longer than powder and feel like you're not wearing anything.

Chanel Cream Blushers are €31/ USD 38 which is not cheap considering you get a small amount (2.5g, in comparison a Bobbi Brown pot rouge is 3.5g) but I think these are beautiful products that deserve the hype.


  1. They are so beautiful. I love cream blushes. Great review. :)

  2. Hey Mariella, they ARE totally worth it, right? I'm trying not to buy more because cream blushes don't stay good forever, but I do really want Intonation so hopefully I'll lay my hands on it at some point :)

    1. The ARE lol ;) I know, I try to limit cream blushes for the same reason, too, but I find my cream stash blush is growing continuously.

  3. I bought Chamade, because I thought Intonation would be too orange on me. I now own four of the Chanel cream blushes, and can see myself buying more in the future. They seem to vary a bit in texture, though; Revelation is almost creamy, while Fantastic (the dark berry LE one from the autumn collection) and Chamade are quite dry in comparison.

  4. I agree with you they are totally worth... I wasn't getting Intonation but then, tried it and fell for it!


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