February 6, 2014

Not your usual Valentine perfume gift!

Valentine's Day is definitely one of those few yearly occasions where lots of perfumes are gifted, they are like the obvious gift for this kind of occasion.
However, if you are anything like me and you're bored to death by the mainstream perfumes,  you might rather enjoy niche perfumes of high quality or even... a more personal creation!

French labo Parfums137 has come up with a lovely concept for those like me who like to mix and match their own scents. They carry a range of 7 eau de toilettes with distinct notes, and you can mix them to suit your taste and mood.

What is very interesting with this concept, is that not only can you buy whatever EDT you like to combine them, you can also get a pre-made box with a more limited selection and a little guide on how to mix them together.

I was lucky to receive a little sample box (worth 10€) that contained the samples of two "collections" as they call them : Nara 1869 and Hollywood Stromboli 1950.

Hollwood Stromboli 1950 is a "journey from Hollywood to Sicily". The EDT in this kit are Spearmint, Immortelle and Myrte. They are all already complex EDT with different notes that are detailed on the little card, as well as different ways to combine them. You can go from very citrusy to more musky or spicy depending on how you wear this one.

Nara 1869 is inspired by a long trip to Japan. The EDT here are Bigarade, Osmanthus and Olibanum. Again, you can go very green or more spicy/woodsy depending on how you mix them.

If you start with a sample kit, you can then decide what EDT you like the best and order them individually or in sets. The sets presented here are 55€ for 3x15ml.
Good to know: there are kits more geared to men, like the Blake and Mortimer one (but you know I don't believe in gender classified scents and wear whatever I like).

I personally think this is a wonderful gift for anyone loving perfume and enjoying a little creative play with scents. The concept is very original and the fragrances are exquisite quality.

All products can be ordered from http://www.parfums137.com/, and Parfums137 ships internationally.

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