November 28, 2015

Current Favorites - November 2015

Since we haven't done that in a long time, let's talk favorites, shall we?
And actually, mu current favorites tend to end up all together on my face most days these days, so I'll walk you through what I'm wearing on this picture.

Foundation: Mac Studio Waterweight (NC15)

I reviewed this foundation recently. There is really nothing else right now in my stash that makes my skin looks better! It's just enough coverage, just enough dewiness, a very reasonable longevity... everything that I like combined in a bottle! So I reach out for it most days.

Concealer : Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer (Warm Ivory)

I had not used that concealer in year and suddenly started thinking of it again, so went and purchased it. I have had a few issues with concealers these past months. First, I fell in love with the Maybelline Age Rewind one (even though the shades were a bit too golden for me, I adored the formula) only to discover when I ran out that no retailer was carrying it anymore in my area. So I moved on to Maybelline Fit Me. Didn't like it as much but mostly, it made me break out around the nose very badly. And for some reason, my Estee Lauder Double Wear (another long time favorite) felt too dry and a bit cakey, so I wanted to go back to a more creamy product for Winter.
Bobbi fits the bill.

Blush: Bourjois Aqua in Cocoricorail.

Ah, this liquid blush! I got it at the end of July, and wore it every single day for TWO MONTHS. I hadn't obsessed that much about blush in a long time! 
The formula is really comfortable to wear, especially if you have dry skin, because it doesn't turn to powder and so it never feels or looks dry. I just apply and blend it with fingers and I'm done.
I must say that I tried 2 other shades in that range, though (they have 4) and didn't like them as much. The pink is okay but nothing special, and the beige is so pale it hardly shows up even on my pale skin. So, if you get one, get the corail!

Eyeshadow : By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock.

Now this is a product I resisted purchasing for a year. And really, I shouldn't have. Look how gorgeous it is!

Why did I wait for so long? Well I have a lot of stick eyeshadows from Laura Mercier and Kiko and I found myself not really reaching for them. I found they stayed a bit tacky on my hooded eyes and that was unpleasant. Having to put powder on top to help with that, kind of defeats the purpose of using a cream stick shadow.
But this one is a different story! The shade is complex, has a nice glitter to it, but mostly, you blend it up with a fluffy brush, then it sets and you're done. No stickiness, no creasing, you just look good for the rest of the day. So when I'm wearing it, I'm not wearing anything else at all on the eyes (although I think I'll smoke it up with black for Holiday parties). I definitely recommend the investment - but I read that only this one and Bronze Moon have that great texture, others being a bit more patchy, so be warned.

Mascara : Chanel Le Volume in Rouge Noir (limited edition).

I had never tried Chanel Le Volume mascara before, but I wanted to get the Rouge Noir edition as I thought it would look great with blue eyes - especially after having seen Ruth Crilly demo it.
Now to be perfectly honest, the shade is not very noticeable, it doesn't look much different from black. But I do like the formula a lot - even if I am not crazy about the plastic brush. So I might actually get that mascara again in the future, in the regular black shade.
I know some people complained it is flaking or smudging, but I have experienced none of these issues.

What about you? What are your current favorites?

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