November 1, 2015

Foundation review #40 : Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (hint : not magic, not that great)

I am perpetually on the fence about Charlotte Tilbury's range. Even though I don't like her marketing approach (she makes me cringe) and I think a lot of her products are overrated, I have to admit that some of her products (not all, but some) are bloody good. And her Light Wonder foundation is HG material for me. It's a perfect match, it makes my skin look perfect, it feels great, what more could I want?

Well, sometimes I want/need more coverage than the Light Wonder offers. That's why I was thrilled to hear about the launch of the Magic Foundation, which is supposed to make your skin look perfect and younger. And I ordered as soon as it was released, waited impatiently to get it, and put it on as soon as it landed on my doorstep. I can say I had very high expectations for this foundation

Well, I was quite underwhelmed. I can even say I was truly disappointed. 

Here's why : 
- I applied with a RT buffing brush: this is a product you can definitely not work in with your hands, it has a thick/sticky consistency, a bit weird
- I ordered shade 2, as that's my shade in Light Wonder. The undertone is the same, but it's a bit paler. And so though it matches my neck, I feel it's a bit too pale for my face and my natural color and some redness show through. Which is an issue I should not have with a full coverage product.
- Full coverage? I really think not!!! When I got this I had a few breakouts and scars, redness around the nose, and undereye circles - well, nothing was covered or hidden with just a layer of that foundation. I did add a bit more on some places, added a second layer around the nose, to no avail. Foundations like Clarins Everlasting have way more coverage IMO.
- Blurs everything? Well, for pores I somewhat agree, but it did enhance fine lines I normally don't see on my cheeks. So I don't agree - Light Wonder does a much better job at blurring everything IMO.
- Finish : she says it's dewy, but it's clearly on the matte side. And although it feels very lightweight on the skin, it does feel dry. I tried it again with more moisturizer underneath, as well as with the Wonderglow primer (eh, another product I don't like that much) - but the feeling still wasn't great. I also think it does look dry on me, especially on areas where it has made fine lines more visible.
- The glass packaging is pretty (although fragile) but the plastic pump on it looks cheap. 

So, is it Magic ? No. It's not very different than a Chanel Mat Perfection, in my opinion, excepted it's not scented (that's good at least). I think my face was looking flat every time I tried to wear it, even though I never powdered.

I know everybody is raving about this foundation, but for me, I really think it'snot what it says it is. It is a light-medium coverage foundation for oily skin, with a mostly matte finish. Not something magic that will work for everyone. I don't see how you'd hide rosacea with this unless you put on several layers, and if you're dry, this is going to feel like hell.

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