November 7, 2015

Foundation review #41 : Mac Studio WaterWeight

Many brands released "serum" foundations, aka very runny liquid ones that requires a pipette, over the past year and a half. I had not tried any of them because the reviews I had read, made me think they wouldn't perform well on me in terms of coverage and finish.
This Fall, Mac released its own serum foundation, and this time, reviews got me really interested so I decided to get it. I also got the new foundation brush they launched to apply it.

What the brand is saying."Introducing an innovative foundation that delivers colour in an ultra-fluid, elastic gel- serum formula. With a virtually weightless feel, this hydrating formula is extraordinarily comfortable, lasting for hours. With stay-true colour and sheer medium buildable coverage, it softly blurs imperfections such as pores and fine lines. The unique dropper provides you with a drop of perfection. Use the new 196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush for a naturally flawless finish."

My impression on the product.
I have been using this non-stop for a month now, and I absolutely love this foundation.
Yes, it is hydrating and comfortable, even if you are dry and dehydrated. (I am however not really flaky at the moment so can't talk about that).
Yes, it's quite buildable, although I find one layer already gives a nice coverage.
Yes, it lasts very well all day without a primer underneath.
And yes, it does blur all the imperfections and make me look absolutely flawless.
This all with a very nice slightly glowy finish that I find beautiful. See it yourself :

I'm wearing NC15, by the way, and it's an excellent match for me. I have applied with the 196 brush and have not tried any other method, as I feel this foundation really need to be buffed well with this kind of dense brush.

I would definitely recommend this for normal do dry skin, but a warning though: it is silicone heavy. If you have issues with that, stay away.
For me, fragrances are what bother me, and this foundation has none, so that makes it even better.

Have you tried this foundation? Did you like it?

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  1. You look stunning. It looks so great on you. Well, I think this is something worth checking out.


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